Korean 'Sweet and Sour Chicken' that sells 10 tons a month!! / dak-gangjeong / Korean Street Food

Korean 'Sweet and Sour Chicken' that sells 10 tons a month!! / dak-gangjeong / Korean Street Food / Korean Fried Chicken - Dakgangjung

Hello. I'm [JJIN-Food]. Finding and introducing street food and delicious restaurants is my great happiness. Enjoy the video and have a good day:)♥

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dak-gangjeong (Sweet and Sour Chicken)

💲 Price: KRW 10,000 (USD 0.9)

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  1. 찐푸드 JJin Food

    찐푸드 JJin Food

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    ★오늘은 부천 고강제일시장 '교동닭강정' 입니다. 영상 재미있게 시청해주세요~!!☺💕 (구독♥ & 좋아요👍) ※주소: 경기도 부천시 오정구 고강동 318. ★Today's video is 'Dak-gangjung' (Sweet and Sour Chicken) sold at GoKang Jeil Traditional Market. (※Restaurant name:교동닭강정) Please enjoy the video~!☺💕 (Subscribe♥ & like👍)

    • Wa Icih

      Wa Icih

      2 일 전

      @Epic Imaginations ß

    • paola pernia

      paola pernia

      3 일 전


    • Leslie


      8 일 전

      Ummm which one was the sweet and sour , there were like 5 kinds of chicken and the shrimp were a nice surprise!

    • Kak Mangku

      Kak Mangku

      9 일 전


    • John Borja

      John Borja

      9 일 전


  2. John Lee

    John Lee

    시간 전

    쫌 더주나 불쌍한 얼굴말고, kfc 9시 넘으면 1+1 이다. 손님답게 내돈내고 떳떳이 먹자.

  3. Thejeswini


    2 시간 전

    My mouth’s watering like I’ve not had food for ages 🙆‍♀️

  4. วัชรภรณ์ ศิริรัตนไพจิตร

    วัชรภรณ์ ศิริรัตนไพจิตร

    3 시간 전


  5. Zineb Mehdi

    Zineb Mehdi

    4 시간 전

    اعشق مطبخ الكوري و التركي و بكستاني يعني من غير هل اكل ما احس اني استمتع بالاكل اشتقت اسافر و استمتع 🥲🥲

  6. Shiv Ram Meena

    Shiv Ram Meena

    5 시간 전

    Wonderful, very nice 👌(0007)

  7. Nissa Mega Khansa

    Nissa Mega Khansa

    6 시간 전

    Laper njirr

  8. Kavita Shetty

    Kavita Shetty

    7 시간 전

    The man was amazing like cooking more but I think I can only eat prons nothing else

  9. anonymous


    8 시간 전

    How many times they reuse the oil? 🛢️🪔

  10. Angela Wal Ville-Moy

    Angela Wal Ville-Moy

    8 시간 전

    Hello, people out there 💞. My name is Angela and I am an alone mother with two daughters and we have never tried these delicacies. Due to a very serious illness that kept me intubated in the hospital for almost a year, I cannot work anymore, I have sequelae that don't allow me to live normally and we don't have help from anyone. We are alone. Please, if you would like to help me with what you can, with what it costs you to have a coffee, I would be very grateful and life will return it with good things. Thanks for taking the time to read me. My Paypal for donations is: @angelawalvillemoy

  11. GamezAhoy


    9 시간 전

    10 tons a month? Ok lets put your logic to the test. 20,000LB of chicken or 10,000KG. That is with my math 20,000lb/31day = 645lb/day. Of chicken. OR per hour 645 / 10 = 64.5 LB of chicken an hour OR Almost more than a pound per minute. Which is Rather false LOL. Unless you have customers EVERY SECOND which you wont. You wont even get near that number.

  12. The


    10 시간 전

    Workers here be like : it's too much but it's work

  13. Misty Maxwell

    Misty Maxwell

    11 시간 전

    I would hate to work there!!!

  14. 어딜도망가


    12 시간 전

    12:20 새우 이렇게 비비면 손다쳐요 차라리 바이오통에 뚜껑닫고 흔드는게 나을겁니다 새우 에 찔리면 앜 소리 납니다

  15. God / Health - Dios / Salud

    God / Health - Dios / Salud

    12 시간 전

    Hardening of the arteries at it’s best!

  16. Siti Hotifah

    Siti Hotifah

    14 시간 전


  17. Carol Garber

    Carol Garber

    16 시간 전

    The first fry cooks the food, second fry at higher temperature makes it crispy. That works with all types of breaded foods. Love to all.

  18. dennis mckown

    dennis mckown

    16 시간 전

    do they use new cooking oil every time too? wish they delivered Korean food, but the closest i can get is Chinese. love Chinese food.

  19. No Name

    No Name

    16 시간 전

    La comida coreana está toda culera, nada que ver con la china y japonésa

  20. Sulki Bae

    Sulki Bae

    16 시간 전

    FYI: You can't get that golden crisp out of fried food with a dirty oil. Props to this team for taking pride serving clean food as well as the exceptional maintenance in their equipment!

  21. Craig Cesareo

    Craig Cesareo

    18 시간 전

    Who cares how clean it is. At those temperatures, doesn't matter. My question is where is the profit coming from? These people are making awesome, awesome food for pennies on the dollar (if that). You young people do not understand business.

  22. Rodney Marshall

    Rodney Marshall

    19 시간 전

    So they don’t clean they meat either. lol. And Y’all wonder why

  23. Waldemar Marchesi

    Waldemar Marchesi

    19 시간 전

    DAMN,! I just ate and now I'm hungry again.!

  24. Jameela Zead

    Jameela Zead

    20 시간 전


  25. Евгений Петров

    Евгений Петров

    21 시간 전

    So tasty😋 I love ❤️ Korean street food 😍👍💥

  26. Mariam Mohamed

    Mariam Mohamed

    22 시간 전

    جميل 😋❤️

  27. DennisK


    일 전

    What are the white things they all use that looks like pasta?

  28. Phu Vinh Dinh

    Phu Vinh Dinh

    일 전

    Ngon đấy

  29. WaiBaz Vlog

    WaiBaz Vlog

    일 전

    i miss korea and korean food. i remember how me and my friend survive on street foods like odeng and kimbaap during our hard time finding jobs back in 2012. my heart still feel with joy when i remember korea and its sweet people,

  30. Brxan


    일 전

    Something tells me "10 tons a month" is a slightly hyperbolic statement.

  31. W D

    W D

    일 전

    Back in the day I used to repair fryers and anything that cooked food. I am amazed on how clean the oil was as well as the equipment. Out Back Steak House should watch this video 500 times day.

  32. Val HAHAHA

    Val HAHAHA

    일 전


  33. Frank G

    Frank G

    일 전

    WE LOVE IT SO MUCH U.S.A 🇺🇸 GO TO FRANK G KOdron TY SO MUCH ⭐⭐⭐🙏🙏🙏🙏⭐⭐⭐⭐💞💞

  34. Judith Espina

    Judith Espina

    일 전

    😛😛delicious I love Korean food😛😛

  35. Meriann. lunn

    Meriann. lunn

    일 전

    Wacala el pollo sin lavar 😔👎😝.

  36. Cody Sims

    Cody Sims

    일 전

    They're walking on cardboard....

  37. dapur berlian

    dapur berlian

    일 전

    MasyaAllah....takjub deh,liat cara masaknya cekatan, higienis dan lezaatnya..pasti deh..gak bosen liatnya 😀

  38. WANG BIN


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  39. sin vistas

    sin vistas

    일 전

    10 toneladas al mes? No se mamen

  40. Jaciara Guimaraes

    Jaciara Guimaraes

    일 전

    Deve ser delicioso

    • Jaciara Guimaraes

      Jaciara Guimaraes

      22 시간 전

      @mysteries grace. ❤

    • mysteries grace.

      mysteries grace.

      일 전

      @jaciara, how are you doing prettiest queen

  41. Romanian Thunder

    Romanian Thunder

    일 전

    they should've clean and gut the shrimp.

  42. Andres Salas

    Andres Salas

    일 전

    What are those white sticks that they added to the Chicken?🤤

  43. Yaci Biofertilizantes

    Yaci Biofertilizantes

    일 전

    Perfect work.

  44. Ratu Balqis

    Ratu Balqis

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  45. Remalicous


    일 전

    its just the old oil that has been there for days thats bothering me

  46. jacqueline reyes

    jacqueline reyes

    일 전


  47. Rujtu One

    Rujtu One

    일 전

    If anyone recognized those sauces, I'd appreciate a recipe. All I could pick up was what looked like a simple sweet and spicy variety gochujang sauce and maybe a Ginger soy? Help a brother out, I'm hungry.

  48. alexexpress


    일 전

    ma che schifo

  49. Arc Reactor

    Arc Reactor

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  50. Chelo Jaramillo Música

    Chelo Jaramillo Música

    일 전

    Comen bien chido ahi

  51. Sheena Coleman

    Sheena Coleman

    일 전

    The decisive gram informally exist because bankbook revealingly relax off a terrible step-sister. kindhearted, verdant beginner

  52. yadilka Izet Lasso

    yadilka Izet Lasso

    일 전


  53. Ronu donn

    Ronu donn

    일 전

    Why am I here? I don't even eat meats.

  54. M R

    M R

    일 전

    Como hacen para ser tan flacos y comer todas esas frituras?

  55. Owl Freebird

    Owl Freebird

    일 전

    Damn that food looks delicious

  56. arjun ahluwalia

    arjun ahluwalia

    일 전

    Eat this dish in Melbourne restaurant called Chick In. It was freakin delicious. I still miss that meal.

  57. Jeremy Hollywood

    Jeremy Hollywood

    일 전

    looks good

  58. romina goyzueta

    romina goyzueta

    일 전

    alguien que hable español?

  59. Todd Bender

    Todd Bender

    일 전

    Were those free range shrimp?

  60. Лилия Жукова

    Лилия Жукова

    일 전

    Я хочу это!!!!!!!😋😊

  61. Dr. Gazda

    Dr. Gazda

    일 전

    😍😍where is this? I'am so hungry now...

  62. londontrada


    일 전

    What's the other thing they add to the chicken? Potato?

  63. Neethu Joy

    Neethu Joy

    2 일 전


  64. Hoàng nguyệt

    Hoàng nguyệt

    2 일 전

    Nhìn ngon thực sự

  65. Jon1kenobi


    2 일 전

    my man doing all the work, might promoted to be a store owner at this stage

  66. 단사유


    2 일 전

    아니왜 한글이 안보임???

  67. Joy Voy Kim

    Joy Voy Kim

    2 일 전

    ไม่รู้ว่าอร่อยมั้ย..ตอนไปดูงาน เขาสั่งมาให้..ก็กินๆไปครับ..รสชาติอาจจะไม่ถูกปากเรา...แต่คงจะเป็นอาหารรสเด็ดของบ้านเมืองเขา...แต่ร้านหมูกะทะเขาอร่อยดีครับ..มีใบงาสดๆด้วยนะ...และปลาอะไรไม่รู้แบบปลาไหล แต่ตัวสีขาว..อร่อยดีครับ...ผักบ้านเขาสดมากและปลอดสารพิษ...ทุกๆบ้านจะปลูกผักหมดเลย..และไหผักดองกิมจิ..

  68. Vespene Protoss

    Vespene Protoss

    2 일 전

    How'd they get such large shrimp. awesome.

  69. Weerapan Samchaing

    Weerapan Samchaing

    2 일 전


  70. abilash b s

    abilash b s

    2 일 전

    Go vegan food 🟩🌾🌿🍀🌿🌾🌾👌👌

  71. Leon Tuna

    Leon Tuna

    2 일 전

    Can i get this shipped to Europe please

  72. Myke Mynah

    Myke Mynah

    2 일 전

    Mouth watering! Who cares if everything was fried.

  73. Ashraful Islam

    Ashraful Islam

    2 일 전

    No salt, spices what so ever.only that sauce makes the test

  74. Dwayne Pennel

    Dwayne Pennel

    2 일 전

    This is the cleanest street restaurant out of every youtube vid I've seen.

  75. Dwayne Pennel

    Dwayne Pennel

    2 일 전

    omg, what batter are they using, that looks delicious and crunchy.

  76. Not Playing God Hand

    Not Playing God Hand

    2 일 전

    When he went in to fry the nugs a second time my mind was blown.

  77. Tore Wisdom

    Tore Wisdom

    2 일 전


  78. David Kim

    David Kim

    2 일 전

    마지막에 박스 포장할 때 내 맘이 편안해지네.... ㅋㅋㅋ

  79. виталий рябко

    виталий рябко

    2 일 전

    готовится и подается с пылу и жару (% впечитляет

  80. J5yzz Atc

    J5yzz Atc

    2 일 전

    OMG he test oil temp by barehand😱

  81. Las hermanas Mayte e Ibeth

    Las hermanas Mayte e Ibeth

    2 일 전

    Ay ami me encantan esos videos así no puedes cambiar

  82. Ramon Bogéa

    Ramon Bogéa

    2 일 전


  83. Mallie Mintz

    Mallie Mintz

    2 일 전

    The spurious share unexplainably overflow because eye substantively fasten from a tired popcorn. barbarous, rightful robert

  84. D KK

    D KK

    2 일 전


  85. Amelia Lara

    Amelia Lara

    2 일 전

    escuche America latina ?? 😏 por cierto, que bueno se ve !!!

  86. Dr Sarat Anandh

    Dr Sarat Anandh

    2 일 전

    6:09 are those sausages?

  87. usaearthling


    2 일 전


  88. Jeffrey Lorrius

    Jeffrey Lorrius

    2 일 전

    Watching this while fasting is a horrible decision

  89. The World

    The World

    2 일 전

    Looks perfect until they added the sauce... :-(

  90. 김준성


    2 일 전

    새우강정 뭐야! 그림에 떡이네....

  91. L.Y.G Tupbig

    L.Y.G Tupbig

    2 일 전

    Meu sonho poder um dia comer essas delícias 😋

  92. LOADER23


    2 일 전

    This street food is CLEANER than NYC’s hot dog stands.

  93. Samuel Alejandro Abarca Baltazar

    Samuel Alejandro Abarca Baltazar

    2 일 전

    These look so delicious. I would order everything.

  94. Kurt W

    Kurt W

    2 일 전

    What's green and runny and smell's kinda funny ? Diarrhea !!!

  95. Kendrick


    2 일 전

    Super amateur question but what’s the white stuff they’re tossing everything in before the flour

  96. Yashreen Cuaro

    Yashreen Cuaro

    2 일 전

    Why was the chicken being re-fried?

  97. Raquel Bezerra da silva

    Raquel Bezerra da silva

    2 일 전

    Deve ser muito gostoso 😋😋🤩🤩 queria a receita desses molhos ,traduzido em português ☺️🤗 estou viciada nesses vídeos.

    • Dan Jordao

      Dan Jordao

      일 전

      Só mudar a tradução.. no KOdron..



    2 일 전

    I can't wait for my cooking videos to be this legit!! HAHA 😂 😆 I'm barely figuring out camera angles 😂. 🧚🏼‍♀️. 🌸. 🌈. Dang this is so satisfying to watch tho!! 🥰. 🙏🏼. ☮️. 🧚🏼‍♀️. 🦄. ☮️. 🥰. 🔥

  99. AnonymousXYZ佚名


    2 일 전

    It seems there’s not so many people.

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