Kid Tries to Not Recognize Her Favorite K-pop Star (Feat. IU)

You were a kid once.


  1. odg


    3 개월 전

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    • Bunnie


      일 전

      i misread that as "you were a stupid kid once" well i mean they werent lying if they were talking to me

    • parihan salh

      parihan salh

      5 일 전


    • SpiritSlayer


      5 일 전


    • 오승아


      13 일 전

      BTS 진,뷔,지민❤

    • 민초냥이Minchokitty


      23 일 전

      다음은 제니님...

  2. Zuhri69


    43 분 전

    Damn, IU really loves her fans.

  3. Bettina desu

    Bettina desu

    시간 전

    omg she made me cry so happy for her.. soo cute

  4. jyotisha100


    시간 전

    Minseo-*Cries* IU-Oh God! what should i do? Literally that girl is so cute I would cry too if I met IU!

  5. Sientika Jong

    Sientika Jong

    2 시간 전

    She is so adorable..

  6. oey hermawan

    oey hermawan

    5 시간 전

    if im in she positions and IU ask me what made you like me ? im gonna answer first IU have a beautiful voice and dont forget her pretty too but the important things i like her cause she always give me motivation when someone ask her about her story life.Before she being singer and famous actress right now she do a harder life and i like her spirit too never give up and of course she kind too like she always donation to other people need it and more like this.and i really falling in love with her when she play drama and acting in hotel del luna she really elegant in there.If IU not actress or whatever im gonna still love her if i can meet her.i hope i can meet IU someday my dream is meet IU im gonna struggle if i can really meet IU.

  7. peanut


    6 시간 전

    민서야 넌 본업이 학생이야..!!

  8. fieleva


    7 시간 전


  9. 민초파❤🧡💛💚💙💜


    8 시간 전

    제 친구도 아이유님팬 많아요 넘 이뿌세요 제 친구는 예뻐서 좋데요 전 아이유님 외모도 그렇고 노래도 넘 좋아서 좋아하게 됬어요 넘 사랑해요

  10. Kooktrivance


    9 시간 전

    IU is so sweet

  11. 민초파❤🧡💛💚💙💜


    9 시간 전

    아이유님 저두 팬이예요

  12. 요미♡츄


    10 시간 전

    민서님은 좋겠다.. 아이유님도 만나고..ㅠ

  13. 좌충우돌레이첼


    10 시간 전

    안아주고 헤어지지.... ㅎㅎ

  14. 양수빈


    10 시간 전

    11:13 이부분만 왜계속 웃게되징 ㅋㅋ

  15. MoonLight Blue

    MoonLight Blue

    10 시간 전

    that was such a weird concept!!

  16. Gen Pri

    Gen Pri

    11 시간 전

    애가 연기 되게 잘한다

  17. Anime Hub 2.0

    Anime Hub 2.0

    14 시간 전

    She's really good at acting

  18. XxMocha_PandaxX


    14 시간 전

    I would just FAINT-

  19. Shambhavi Sinha

    Shambhavi Sinha

    15 시간 전

    lol what if I cry tooo

  20. 여리


    16 시간 전

    아이유 언니 진짜.. 사랑해요 ㅠㅠㅠ

  21. A, N

    A, N

    19 시간 전

    She is a great actor. You wouldn't know it was rehearsed.

  22. S 。

    S 。

    20 시간 전

    Iu is so perfect

  23. Jo A

    Jo A

    22 시간 전

    listen, I didnt know the name IU before Blackpink. And I dont know this kid. But you know everything pops up in my feed now so I decided to watch. i cried my eyes out. IU got my respect. The culture and people. I love it.

    • Bagas Hayujatmiko

      Bagas Hayujatmiko

      16 시간 전

      I recommend you to check out on IU more. Not only a great singer, she's also a great actress.

  24. Eru Aphadir

    Eru Aphadir

    22 시간 전

    Role modeling at its finest. Result: two extremely fine ladies.

  25. L. J.

    L. J.

    23 시간 전

    So sweet all the way around.

  26. S a d a f

    S a d a f

    일 전

    Omg this was sooo nice I was squealing! I would've hugged her, but I saw that they didn't? Is hugging not a big part of Korean culture? here in Australia we hug every single time while meeting and saying goodbye.

    • Bahian Sharlene Ritchie P.

      Bahian Sharlene Ritchie P.

      11 시간 전

      Theres a picture but i think they hug each other off cam

    • Goose


      12 시간 전

      I'm not Korean, but I am Asian. Where I live, you have to ask the person first if they could get a hug :), but usually we either bow or shake their hands for goodbye.

  27. Tajassas Nar

    Tajassas Nar

    일 전

    Omg.. Wish iu hug her fan & sat beside her. Why it should be separated by the table 😋

    • Bahian Sharlene Ritchie P.

      Bahian Sharlene Ritchie P.

      11 시간 전

      Covid you know

  28. Sunshine Suarez

    Sunshine Suarez

    일 전

    My heart is too soft for this

  29. Book Vybez

    Book Vybez

    일 전

    Ok I don't know who IU is but I want to listen her music now! This was the most beautiful meeting. Wow

  30. anna h

    anna h

    일 전

    Omggg I'm cry

  31. Sang Lee

    Sang Lee

    일 전

    그냥 아이유 만난게 부러운데

  32. Masyati Pelan

    Masyati Pelan

    일 전


  33. Stephanie de la Gente

    Stephanie de la Gente

    일 전


  34. Tsuthoi Lam

    Tsuthoi Lam

    일 전

    How lucky this girl is.... OMG... I also want to meet her in real

  35. 아잉


    일 전

    분위기 자체가 그냥 깊다 슬픔과 웃음을 둘다 지닌 아이 같에..

  36. reiiisan


    일 전

    The little girl is so sweet, polite and respectful💜 It's great to see people supporting each other like that.

  37. Thoi Kei

    Thoi Kei

    일 전

    This kid is like me. Me: imagine myself this kid is me. Pd: pretend that u didn't know him. Me: i will try my best. Pd: close your eyes. Me: ok. Pd: open your eyes. Me: seeing jungkook. Try to ignore but ended up crying. I wish i can meet jk like this.

  38. Nikay Perez

    Nikay Perez

    2 일 전

    She's so cute it makes me cry 😭

  39. Nisreen Hms

    Nisreen Hms

    2 일 전

    I see Minseos reaction so relatable, I always imagine myself crying when I meet EXOs Suho (Junmyeon) even though I am 23 old , this could happen because probably we are so grateful that we find the right person in the right time when everything is hard? they give us much happiness and comfort.

  40. cooking time

    cooking time

    2 일 전

    wow she's very lucky to meet her Idol 😍

  41. Shalini


    2 일 전

    IU , i want to meet you tooo 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  42. spring슾륑


    2 일 전

    보는 내가 다 행복하네 훈훈



    2 일 전

    While watching this video.. I started imagining myself in the place of the kid😭😭😭😭 & I guess any fan would do.. IU is jst perfect😭😭

  44. Hatake Kakashi

    Hatake Kakashi

    2 일 전

    Wholesome af

  45. 상큼하음🍋


    2 일 전


  46. GretGaming


    2 일 전

    I cried when she cry-

  47. Sin Y

    Sin Y

    2 일 전

    모른척이라도 할 수 있게 해주세요,,

  48. Milo Milo

    Milo Milo

    2 일 전

    This is my first time in this channel! So touching!

  49. 심서아


    2 일 전

    진짜?! ㅋㅋㅋ

  50. V


    2 일 전

    민서는 앞으로 큰 배우가 될 거 같다. 말 많고 탈 많은 연예계에서 몸과 마음 항상 건강하게 유지하면서 사람들에게 기쁨과 위로를 주는 큰 배우가 되길.

  51. 한국 청소년 재댄 Korean Teen Jadan

    한국 청소년 재댄 Korean Teen Jadan

    2 일 전

    10:35 이거 유명했는데(때당시 3,4위) 1달만에 블핑,방탄,트와이스가 빡 치고 올라가서 그래프가.. 1블랙핑크 ⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪ 2지코(후) ⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪ 3아이유 ⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪ 4트와이스 ⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪ 5방탄소년단(준) ⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪ 6워너비 ⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪

  52. ??????


    2 일 전

    진짜 찐 티안나게 연기하려면 누구지? 하는표정보다 우와 이쁘다 유명하신분같아요 하는게 찐이지

  53. Yehezkiel Tanusaputra

    Yehezkiel Tanusaputra

    2 일 전

    this is an honor to my family

  54. Kasturi Ariel

    Kasturi Ariel

    2 일 전

    She is so Luckyyyyy!!! I would cry for the entire day after meeting her and listening to her live T_T I LOVE YOU IU ^^

  55. O.y Kwon

    O.y Kwon

    2 일 전


  56. Ichika moshi

    Ichika moshi

    2 일 전

    Imagine if I meet IU 😞😭 I cry for real 😭

  57. therealshard


    2 일 전

    two incredibly amazing and talented people right there. I'm all the way behind the screen and cried at the beauty of their interaction! 😭😭😭

  58. Taeshoemary


    2 일 전

    i would cry

  59. Shiela May Julianda

    Shiela May Julianda

    2 일 전

    I am a big fan of IU too!!! And her scenes in My Mister really is sooo good. i cried everytime she has a scene especially with her grandmother. These two are so cute. i hope that IU can also meet her other fans like this...especially JK. He is a big fan of hers for a long time. I think i will also cry like Minseo if I'll be able to meet IU in person. My most favorite song of her is Eight 💕💕💕

  60. hyeonmin0126


    2 일 전

    재밌는데 난 왜 이 제작자가 소시오패스 같지?

  61. SoulofHarley


    2 일 전

    this was so sweet

  62. 민초로 양치 쌉 ᄀᄂ

    민초로 양치 쌉 ᄀᄂ

    2 일 전

    나도 아이유한테 빠지게 된 이유가 연기를 할 때랑 내가 알던 아이유의 모습이랑 너무 달라서 빠졌슴..

  63. Azhar Akmoldina

    Azhar Akmoldina

    3 일 전

    Minseo you are so talented😍🤗 and super duper cute! IU is right you are adorable with this haiestyle😊 Stay healthy and wish you to have many opportunities to showcase your acting skills👏🏻 Kahmzamida🤗

  64. Lingjelthoibi Ksh

    Lingjelthoibi Ksh

    3 일 전

    I mean IU's song sorry everyone it's little shy to say that 😁😁😁

  65. Lingjelthoibi Ksh

    Lingjelthoibi Ksh

    3 일 전

    My favorite It's song is Celebrity because I really love that song and that song makes me dance

  66. Precious Alamu

    Precious Alamu

    3 일 전

    I got goosebumps when Minseo was reenacting that scene

  67. luigi


    3 일 전

    4:25 gets me everytime

  68. Tim Hayter

    Tim Hayter

    3 일 전

    haha even i got super excited seeing her

  69. Jay Chiu

    Jay Chiu

    3 일 전

    I'd cry too if it was me.

  70. Siti Nurwanna

    Siti Nurwanna

    3 일 전

    Insecure ngan budak tu dapat jumpa iu😍😩

  71. sooyoun woo

    sooyoun woo

    3 일 전

    흙...나도 아이유님 만날래 흐어엉

  72. Joan Rendora-Sula

    Joan Rendora-Sula

    3 일 전

    Why do I flutter for her? 😭😭😭😍❤️❤️❤️

  73. NoGameSense


    3 일 전

    저도 아이유를 만나고싶어ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

  74. Black Orbit

    Black Orbit

    3 일 전

    how she dont see iu before? wtf? xd

  75. Buddy Blris

    Buddy Blris

    3 일 전

    How can she stay still after opening her eyes. He would have scream the hell out if I see IU.

  76. Mutiara Ilma

    Mutiara Ilma

    3 일 전

    NGL I'd have the same reaction

  77. lolita amelia

    lolita amelia

    3 일 전

    minseo : "annyeonghaseyo" * SCREAM INSIDE *

  78. LIA ✨

    LIA ✨

    3 일 전

    아이유는 내가 가장 좋아하는 솔로 아티스트다

  79. Allyka Eve Balo

    Allyka Eve Balo

    3 일 전


  80. ㄹㅂ


    3 일 전

    민서로 개명할거야.....ㅠ.ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ... 언니....사랑해

  81. KurveZ


    3 일 전

    I don't even know what is going on or who she is but just seeing her so happy to meet her idol has me balling my eyes out. This is great.

    • Rafaela


      일 전

      @KurveZ at least you got the conversation lol. I got confused because a) its not every vídeo in korean that has subtitles and b) not everybody remembers to turned them on 🙈

    • KurveZ


      일 전

      @Rafaela because I didn’t, lol, and there’s no reason for me to know who either of them are as well. They are 2 random people to me.

    • Rafaela


      일 전

      @KurveZ oxi, then why didn't you get it? I'm confused @-@

    • KurveZ


      일 전

      @Rafaela I never said I didn't have subtitles off?

    • Rafaela


      일 전

      Just put subtitles on lol

  82. Yue-Chen Dai

    Yue-Chen Dai

    3 일 전

    Waiting for a day they act together in a movie or drama. That would be amazing! BOL to the kid she has loads of talent and keep doing what you do IU that’s what makes you…you.

  83. Aristhotle Dungo

    Aristhotle Dungo

    3 일 전

    i missed iu, why you still dont have another kdrama?

  84. 황태준


    3 일 전

    민서가 수화하는게 진짜 빠져들게 되는데??? 진심으로 잘 하네요

  85. zara K

    zara K

    4 일 전

    LOL shes so cute, she just breaks down into tears after she could stop acting

  86. Daniel Kwan

    Daniel Kwan

    4 일 전

    Haha that is adorable

  87. Aubrey Entendencia

    Aubrey Entendencia

    4 일 전

    This video was so wholesome🤗

  88. Olympia Kathaleen

    Olympia Kathaleen

    4 일 전

    The ancient flower surprisingly meddle because custard mechanistically muddle atop a sweet june. mere, abhorrent liquor

  89. veniceandrie columbres

    veniceandrie columbres

    4 일 전

    Jesus loves you. Even though all have sinned and deserves punishment, Christ offered His life to pay the debt of our sins. Believe, Trust and Repent. God bless you.

    • Yaa Adi

      Yaa Adi

      4 일 전

      God bless you too

  90. Riv P

    Riv P

    4 일 전

    I cried :(

  91. YHT


    4 일 전

    This is probably one of the most wholesome content I have ever seen so far

  92. Capenter Jojo

    Capenter Jojo

    4 일 전

    Me when talking to my crush like I never know him

  93. corn lover

    corn lover

    4 일 전

    My little heart awww iu



    4 일 전

    They're so sweet!!!

  95. 이연수


    4 일 전

    스크린에도 많이 나왔으면 하는 친구다…..

  96. Limario


    4 일 전

    This overwhelming feeling of meeting someone you admire and losing all thoughts and words ..

  97. KumpauLvL999


    5 일 전

    Love from Malaysia ..

  98. Arlynne Cumberbatch

    Arlynne Cumberbatch

    5 일 전

    that kid learnt sign language before school enforced her to write cursive english, what a chad

  99. 김헐크


    5 일 전

    이영상이 성지가된다 국민배우가 될꺼야

  100. Vishnupriya Vinod

    Vishnupriya Vinod

    5 일 전

    she is a special girl.. she wwas so genuine that it made me cry.. im sure IU felt special too.. it was soo wholesome to watch.~

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