Norm MacDonald's Moth Joke

(Original airdate: 08/31/09) Norm MacDonald talks about taking jokes from his drivers and tells a moth joke.


  1. Zach Cage

    Zach Cage

    31 분 전

    Thank you norm you were always a light in the dark!

  2. Myles124


    33 분 전


  3. Rui Luz

    Rui Luz

    33 분 전

    LOL! "Cause the light was on!" LOL

  4. Star Ship Siete

    Star Ship Siete

    36 분 전

    2:20 "And this is the hardest pill to swallow, doc." Norm's basically telling the audience to just stay with him. Meanwhile, Conan is about to bust a gut because *he knows* there's an even harder turn coming.



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  6. undignified


    39 분 전

    rip Norm

  7. Anarous


    42 분 전

    everytime i watch his videos i hey do immersed and can’t stop laughing and then the video ends, and it hits me… that he’s gone, we’ll never hear from him again

  8. Gentlemen's Academy

    Gentlemen's Academy

    42 분 전


  9. John Avi

    John Avi

    43 분 전

    No he can find out 100% if OJ did it.

  10. Tato


    45 분 전

    I never am affected when celebrities pass away......but this really gets me :(

  11. ブブタン


    45 분 전

    Norm is like the guy you hire, and he spends the first 3 months introducing himself to people and unsuccessfully putting his uniform on. "Why are you even here Norm, you don't work at all" "Because you hired me."

  12. AbsoluteXXIV


    46 분 전

    An absolute comedy legend, i love how his style is to take every back alley route and turn to get to the punchline, will be truly missed. RIP Norm

  13. Joe Bernal

    Joe Bernal

    50 분 전

    Yeah that’s how I get all my material LOL

  14. Joe Bernal

    Joe Bernal

    50 분 전

    Awe that guy? Nah, that guy…. no, wait till you hear me do it LOL!! He was a genius. I search KOdron at least once a year for this video just for a good laugh. Rest in peace Norm McDonald.

  15. Snackasmversion2


    55 분 전

    RIP Norm

  16. JTMelody


    시간 전

    Why Conan never gets old 💁‍♂️

  17. Stephanie


    시간 전

    The best there ever was. And then some.

  18. Abdulatif Salat

    Abdulatif Salat

    시간 전

    Some people dont find him funny because his jokes are kinda unpredictable but he could be the greatest ever.

    • Abdulatif Salat

      Abdulatif Salat

      시간 전

      I guess i should use past tense. He was the greatest!

  19. Hol M

    Hol M

    시간 전

    That voice is unique and funny

  20. Liric Pheonix

    Liric Pheonix

    시간 전

    That was a good joke 🤣🤣

  21. बावरा मांझी

    बावरा मांझी

    시간 전

    For the uninformed, please explain who Norm MacDonald is... 💔

  22. Liric Pheonix

    Liric Pheonix

    시간 전

    Wait....what did he mean chunk of coal?

  23. Annie V

    Annie V

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  24. KrKest


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  25. Optical Palm

    Optical Palm

    시간 전

    I can't believe he's gone! Rest in peace Norm Macdonald, one of the smartest, funniest, quickest comedians on planet 💔

  26. Alice Flanagan

    Alice Flanagan

    시간 전

    Norm will be missed. One in a million.

  27. DylanDog


    시간 전

    The best part about this joke is if anyone but Norm tells it, its not funny.

  28. Jon Hollins

    Jon Hollins

    시간 전

    Two of my favourite irreverent comics have died within a month of each other, RIP Norm McDonald and Sean Lock

  29. Dale Foley

    Dale Foley

    시간 전

    Absolute legend.

  30. GloryKim Singsit

    GloryKim Singsit

    시간 전

    You were truly unique Norm. Rest in Peace 🕊️💐

  31. MMS


    시간 전

    rest in peace. I love him in Billy Madison.

  32. Matthew Kane

    Matthew Kane

    시간 전

    The genius of Norm

  33. Liliana Izdrea

    Liliana Izdrea

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  34. Marton Hajdu

    Marton Hajdu

    시간 전

    such a normie

  35. Ramzi Bibi

    Ramzi Bibi

    시간 전

    RIP to a legend that always made us laugh

  36. James D

    James D

    시간 전

    "Hey! How come you get a pool cue!"

  37. Diezel Diamond

    Diezel Diamond

    시간 전

    R.I.P Norm, you'll be missed buddy 😢

  38. Levy V_831

    Levy V_831

    시간 전

    He was always a solid comedian , never changed the channel on him like most "comedians" these days

  39. Karthikeyan Subramanian

    Karthikeyan Subramanian

    시간 전

    This was Norm doing Walken doing a moth. Norm will be so missed...

  40. tenrec


    시간 전

    Just happened to watch S4E15 of "Scrubs" last night and they did the same joke (only not as well, and it was a dentist instead of a podiatrist.)

  41. zuygj bnsv

    zuygj bnsv

    시간 전

    It's so sad that we won't be hearing from him again ever. Will be watching his old videos again. Love Norm and Rest in peace.

  42. Sok I

    Sok I

    시간 전


  43. Lit B

    Lit B

    시간 전

    Rip legend

  44. Chaz Fuego

    Chaz Fuego

    시간 전

    the delivery is everything ✨🤣😂

  45. Charles Crisp

    Charles Crisp

    시간 전

    That Ice Road Tollbooth isn't on any other Moth Joke videos.

    • zuygj bnsv

      zuygj bnsv

      시간 전

      It's only right that this is #1 trending... Rest Easy Norm, Make God Laugh!

  46. Lyle Durand

    Lyle Durand

    시간 전

    Rip king

  47. Joseph Dirty Dan Ducreaux the Assblaster McMasters

    Joseph Dirty Dan Ducreaux the Assblaster McMasters

    시간 전

    subscribe to "im not norm"

  48. JacoTaco Morocco

    JacoTaco Morocco

    시간 전

    4:04 why I don't watch Conan

  49. Dyn Jarren

    Dyn Jarren

    시간 전

    What I most admire about Norm is he wasn’t afraid to speak his mind and called OJ a double murderer and MJ a homosexual pedophile. And people laughed nervously because it was so unnerving to hear that out loud. But Norm just kept on busting their balls. Norm just did not give a damn. He was real. A real man who did not bow down. RIP Norm Macdonald

  50. Jere Navanjo

    Jere Navanjo

    시간 전

    hahaha its so funny

  51. Onyx The Juggla

    Onyx The Juggla

    시간 전

    One of the funniest people ever! The world will be so much worse without him 😥

  52. Honor Hu

    Honor Hu

    시간 전

    Hi, i wanna get reply... _From_ #PureTuber

  53. maadmoode


    2 시간 전

    The old chuck of coal is no more. Now you are diamond.... #RIP_Norm

  54. VyasLikeKiosk


    2 시간 전

    What happens if you go there early??

  55. Prashant Negi

    Prashant Negi

    2 시간 전

    Cant believe our Norm is #1 ON TRENDING

  56. José Luis Batres

    José Luis Batres

    2 시간 전

    I don't know if Norm ever could have imagined the impact he had on me, Guatemalan kid who loves comedy. My dad was a funny, funny man, and went he left I took the happy with the sad. These news is just so very sad, but these clips will bring me happiness forever. I hope they can crack a joke together. RIP Norm

  57. J&A Burchfield

    J&A Burchfield

    2 시간 전

    God he was a TREASURE!! RIP Norm!! So sad....

  58. Joey Rodriguez

    Joey Rodriguez

    2 시간 전

    It's only right that this is #1 trending... Rest Easy Norm, Make God Laugh!

  59. Name's Roz

    Name's Roz

    2 시간 전

    Oh my God a Conan video is on trending

  60. Shaunie in the Wrasslin

    Shaunie in the Wrasslin

    2 시간 전

    Rip to a true all time great, he was never chairman of the BORED he was truly chairman of the not BORED

  61. EnemyLocated


    2 시간 전

    monetizing death. cool.

    • JacoTaco Morocco

      JacoTaco Morocco

      2 시간 전


  62. Fierce Mouse

    Fierce Mouse

    2 시간 전

    Funny as the joke about the 2 planes and the 3 buildings. Hear of it?

  63. rodcas _

    rodcas _

    2 시간 전

    love awkwardness

  64. Joey Rodriguez

    Joey Rodriguez

    2 시간 전

    Rest In Paridise Norm... Make God Laugh!!

  65. a phelan

    a phelan

    2 시간 전

    Nothing but love. What a gem! One of a kind. Sending love to his family and friends ❤

  66. Edwin Keil

    Edwin Keil

    2 시간 전

    Rest in Peace old Brother

  67. KSDVLmom


    2 시간 전

    Nice to see Norm number 1 trending and also number 8

  68. YouTube is trash

    YouTube is trash

    2 시간 전

    He’s basically doing Andy Kaufman’s bit about reading an entire book to the audience….or the aristocrats joke. Nothing original to see here.

  69. J, Ludwig

    J, Ludwig

    2 시간 전

    not gonna lie I was lost and confused during the joke but after the punchline, I realized how funny the setup was. Kinda genius

  70. Gary Backstrom

    Gary Backstrom

    2 시간 전

    Haven’t cried in a while New of you being gone brought many tears This sucks Norm should have live many more years

  71. Tich Nguyen

    Tich Nguyen

    2 시간 전

    3:18 "He says Doc...." The way he plays off Conan, and the perfectly inserted pause always gets me.

  72. Timothy Gosnell

    Timothy Gosnell

    2 시간 전

    The greatest comedian dies, and you immediately post his videos to bring in revenue.

  73. God0fForge


    2 시간 전

    Wherever Norm is, I hope it’s an area most known for its remoteness. And I hope he knows how appreciated he was.

  74. Mr. Joshua

    Mr. Joshua

    2 시간 전

    alot of talk show hosts talking about how they remember Norm, but all Coco needs to do is show all the interviews and laughs he had with him. Really speaks for itself.

  75. VIDS2013


    2 시간 전


  76. Simon Hinton

    Simon Hinton

    2 시간 전

    I love u Norm!! Sleep Well!



      2 시간 전


  77. 董家琪


    2 시간 전

    "I don’t want fancy things, or fancy schmancy things. I don’t even want fancy schmancy whancy things, or fancy schmancy take-a-trip-to-Francy things. What I want is wasting your time and mine." -Norm MacDonald

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    Like vs Dislike

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  85. Soumodeep Paul

    Soumodeep Paul

    2 시간 전

    Here after watching 7 comedian talk about norm --you know who'll I'm talking about

  86. Jaysoddfutr


    2 시간 전

    God bless you norm.

  87. JayRico


    2 시간 전

    idk why i thought about the moth dying frm a bugs life lol

  88. Anthony C.

    Anthony C.

    2 시간 전

    If you like this go find the "12 Minute Joke." You'll have fever dreams about Janis.

  89. Glenn Davey

    Glenn Davey

    2 시간 전

    This is actually a better, clean version of The Aristocrats. [The punchline] lands in a way everyone can appreciate, no matter how well they've been following up to this point. Well done Norm. Well done and RIP.

  90. Adrian Åslund

    Adrian Åslund

    2 시간 전

    I like how the setup was all improv but the punchline was fixed.

  91. Adrian Åslund

    Adrian Åslund

    2 시간 전

    Well atleast he took that bastard cancer with him!

  92. Uɴᴋᴏᴡɴ Gᴀᴍᴇʀ

    Uɴᴋᴏᴡɴ Gᴀᴍᴇʀ

    2 시간 전

    Happy birthday modi ji in advance 🥳🎉

  93. Creative Mankirat

    Creative Mankirat

    2 시간 전

  94. Marek Štepita

    Marek Štepita

    2 시간 전

    It took Norm to die so we could get this clip in good quality.

  95. Harry Greene

    Harry Greene

    2 시간 전

    Can't believe he is gone..

  96. Arnold Norris

    Arnold Norris

    2 시간 전

    Thank you Norm, thank you Robin.

  97. ekko808


    2 시간 전

    Norm MacDonald was the Coltrane of jokes. He would weave around a theme, never telling it the same way twice, as if he knew giving you a regular punchline would just be too easy.

  98. gabor


    2 시간 전

    RIP to a legend. I learned about his death in a comment below another youtube video. I am shocked and saddened.

  99. Nhia Vang

    Nhia Vang

    2 시간 전

    Old school! I'm done...

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