back to office in 2 monthsㅣgot vaxxedㅣdays offㅣwatch 2 films in a day!

Thank you so much for the wait!

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📌 정보 outfit deets

Sep 6
top: aubier (제품제공)

Sep 8
top: Polo ralphlauren

Sep 9
top: Polo ralphlauren
knitwear: aubier (제품제공)

Sep 10
cardigan: aubier (제품제공)
pants: aubier
shoes: chanel

Sep 12
top: aubier
cardigan: aubier (제품제공)
pants: aubier
shoes: chanel

shoes: lacoste (2017년 여름 구매 제품, tag 닳아서 안 보임 ㅠ)
laptop stand:

CameraㅣiPhone XS
EditㅣVllo (mobile ver.)
LaptopㅣMacBook Air (Retina, 13-inch, 2018)
iPadㅣ6th generation 32GB
iPad caseㅣRhino 8
TripodㅣUlanzi, Azna


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    딤디 유튜브를 한다는거 자체가 부지런한거야…..

  3. Vanessa Sheng

    Vanessa Sheng

    23 분 전

    💗💗Universal Beijing resort has officially opened, come to Beijing when corona is over!🥰welcome to China again~

  4. rosd


    34 분 전

    After long week of exams I’m here to distress my self. 😘

  5. Lunah Liu

    Lunah Liu

    56 분 전

    You look 更瘦了🥺,希望你胃口更好些了。

  6. 감자 햄버거

    감자 햄버거

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    yes fnlly i missed deemed sm

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    nina dylan

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    What does she do for work??

  8. hj park

    hj park

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    딤디 영상 볼때마다 너무 행복해용!!!

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    jayani rasangi

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    I like to watch ur videos . I was waiting for ur video Keep it up

  10. rundiga abes

    rundiga abes

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    Deemd then and now : Then : Eat expired bread Now : Drink expired milk ㅋㅋㅋ

  11. 사부작사부작


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    딤디님 덕분에 블루보틀 투명 머그잔 샀느데 아이스 커피 마실때 물기가 뚝뚝 떨어지지 않아서 너무 좋네요. 그냥 예뻐서 따라 산것 뿐인데 득템 한거 같아요^^

  12. エッグワッフル!


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    I also like movie based on true story 😄,.... unless.... It's conjuring....🥲



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    I really want to thank u for motivation thank u sooooo much I just found your channel 1 week ago thank u soo much uni

  14. azertie


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    It's absolutely horrific to advertise for drinking so much pepsi just cause they paid you too. There are many young people watching you and you show them how to get cancer on an early age basically. Shameful. Unsubscribed.

    • deemd 딤디

      deemd 딤디

      4 시간 전

      It is not a sponsored video and I spent my own money to buy em but I never got paid for drinking. Thank you for unsubscribing altho I don't even know if you were really subscribing my channel.

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    딤디 사랑해 연출까지 신경쓰고 ㅠㅠ 누워있는 브이로그도 궁금해요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  16. 쩡

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    와… 가방예뻐서 봤더니 380만원… 눈으로 감상먼 해야겠다..ㅠㅠ

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    ysm maze

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    I need to eat these Korean foods 😣😭

  18. ysm maze

    ysm maze

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    I love your vlogs! one thing... it would be nice if you had a cat or a dog, so you wouldn't be completely alone or whatever :)

  19. Samadhi Kaveesha

    Samadhi Kaveesha

    6 시간 전

    Thank you for uploading!! But tbh I would be willing to watch you do nothing at home cuz your videos are so relaxing! They're my go to whenver I'm stressed.. Pls take care and have a great day!

  20. O J S

    O J S

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    I love how even though she stays very anonymous, she still has so much personality 🤣💕💕

  21. bogum j

    bogum j

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    Don't you want to try a mechanical keyboard? hehehe

  22. 지리링


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    딤디님 뜬금없지만 간단 식사로 다시마국수 추천이욥,, ㅎㅎㅎ 진짜 편한데 맛있고 건강해요 지금도 먹는중..>

  23. ingSight 잉싸

    ingSight 잉싸

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    블루보틀 맥심 콜라보

  24. dancermeme


    9 시간 전

    i feel kinda glad about the fact that i'm not the only one who has been so addicted to zero pepsi lately ~_~

  25. Gabi Gabriela

    Gabi Gabriela

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    I love your vlogs so much make my day better🇧🇷💖💖💖

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    Thank you :)

  27. V


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    포르투갈어로 비디오 자막을 만드십시오. 저는 브라질 사람이고 비디오를 좋아하지만 대부분의 오래된 비디오에는 제 언어로 된 자막이 없습니다. 감사 해요;) ♡♡♡

  28. Dhia Awad

    Dhia Awad

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    ليش مافيه ترجمه عربيه 😢

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    H T

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    Abi bu kızı tarzını çok seviyorum. Kendine has 🤍

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    Zainab Lightwala

    12 시간 전

    I am from India 🇮🇳

  31. Ayyüce Y.

    Ayyüce Y.

    12 시간 전

    Your necklace is so pretty! It seemed so familiar and then I remembered it was the necklace Nabi from the kdrama Nevertheless was wearing. Plus, there was a little scene where it was shown in a box, up close. Ugh, why do i remember such useless things... Anyways, the necklace is so elegant and looks really nice on you Deemd! Sending lots of love!

  32. 자산40억


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  33. Josie O'Brien

    Josie O'Brien

    12 시간 전

    I mean you do you, but seeing that it isnt good. Take it from someone who drinks coca cola A LOT. It is not good to use soda as a substitute for food. No matter the flavor or food.

  34. yeah ba y

    yeah ba y

    13 시간 전

    warst du schonmal in deutschland oder wo hast deutschland gelernt

  35. abcd


    14 시간 전

    I'm addicted to your vlogs I've just move in à university room and it's so hard to live alone your videos help me so much 😄( sorry for my English I'm a French speaker)

  36. Ahlam Mohamed

    Ahlam Mohamed

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    من يومين وانا استنى الترجمة 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  37. Marta Oyarzabal

    Marta Oyarzabal

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    Please subtitle in Spanish 😊

  38. Ana C

    Ana C

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    My mom and I love watch you on TV 💜

  39. GB


    17 시간 전

    Deemd: *drinks a ton of pepsi* Also Deemd: my skin is breaking out for no good reason 😭 Lmao jokes aside your vlogs also make me wanna do better tbh. Give and take y'know? 😁

  40. izzznnni


    18 시간 전

    omg i can totally relate to the lush part. the workers there are so friendly that you just cant resist not buying anything from lush

  41. Jana Saleh

    Jana Saleh

    18 시간 전

    Where is the Arabic translation?



    19 시간 전

    그녀는 행복한 삶을🌚

  43. swara manerkar

    swara manerkar

    19 시간 전

    I broke my mirror too was soo sad but its a good sign We believe that it got rid of all the evil eye😉( not sure but I’d like to believe its a good sign😂)

  44. 누둥이


    19 시간 전

    펩시랑 롯데리아에서 못참았는데 투썸 스트로베리초코+아이스박스에서 마음 풀림

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    Baskan Delirdi

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    i was waiting for this 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    Haris Carolina De las aguas torres

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    Todavía no hay subtítulos en español 😭



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    Love your Vlog as always 🥳

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    PERFECT as always😫✊🏻🍾🖤

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    ttto tosh

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    نريد ترجمه للغه العربيه

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    Nicoly Alves

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    your videos make me so happy :) thank u

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    binny j

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    마트에서 버섯에 숙주나물 담는거 보자마자 마라샹궈 외친 나... 제법 딤디 매니아스러워....뿌듯해.....

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  56. Карина Тимошенко

    Карина Тимошенко

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    Какая она крутая. Мне очень нравятся её видео)

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    Sooyeon Park

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    헐 딤디 댓글창도 다 영어댓글이 되어버렸어ㅠ 뭐선일이고!

  58. Day with me Oishy

    Day with me Oishy

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    Sister you are increasing so fast love you from Bangladesh 🇧🇩

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    SuYa K

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    백신 맞고 안아파도 얼음 찜질하면 팔아픈거 별로 없을 수 있어요. 저도 그랬거든요. 제주위분들도 그랬구요. 2차백신때 한번 해보세요. 근데 전 화이자 2차때가 몸이 더 아프더라구요.ㅠㅠ

  60. hy.n


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    deemd! watch penthouse or class of lies or taxi driver! all are good good!

  61. ᄉᄋ


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    딤디님........저고삼인데 부모님이 번갈아가면서 양성 판정 받으셔서 9월 한 달 동안 자가격리를 하게 됏어요...눈물쭐쭐흘리면서 공부하고잇는데 넘눈물나고...수능이 두 달 밖에 안남아서 더 눈물나요..그래도 딤디님 영상 보면서 저도 열심히 살아야겟다는 생각이 들었어요 빠이팅할게요 딤디임도 아프지마시구 늘 건강하세요..... 항상 영상 잘 챙겨보고있어요감사합니다ㅠㅠ

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    sarah ribeiro

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    Bright Young

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    아 ,,,,다양한 샷 만든다고 욕봣네용 ㅜㅜ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ책찾기와 책읽기 삿에 반했어요 ㅋㅋ진짜 노력파 같음요 글고 누워있다는 모습도 왜이리 공감되죠? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  64. 꿀꿀


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    마라샹궈 레시피가 어케되나용 ㅎㅎㅎ 마러샹궈 입문자 입니다 ..어케먹어야 좋을지 고수님들 추천 주세용🙏🏻

  65. Amna Naeem

    Amna Naeem

    22 시간 전 motivate me to do my best...

  66. Sathvika K

    Sathvika K

    23 시간 전

    Deemd: Idk why my skin is breaking out. Also deemd: Proceeds to drink 3 cans of pepsi a day. Just kidding 🤣

  67. Hitesh Teli

    Hitesh Teli

    23 시간 전

    I dont think drinking too much of coke is good

  68. Fatima Ouali

    Fatima Ouali

    23 시간 전

    You are so sweet, I always breakfast watching your videos, its like a energy to start my Day and stay active. For that thank you so much ! ❤

  69. 김지우


    23 시간 전

    저도 저 콜라 알고 나서부터 저것만 먹습니다....아무것도 따라올 수 없어... 오늘도 영상 잘 봤어용 이제 시험기간이어서 우울했는데 힐링했어요 ㅎㅎ

  70. RinE 리니

    RinE 리니

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    출근 전 운동 개운해유!!

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    Haya Kim 💍

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    Now I feel like im healthy 🥸😂

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    Macy Tagaduar

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    I can't take those coke or pepsi? cans 😭😭😭

  74. hi.


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    딤디님 너무 좋다..☺️

  75. 마카룽macaroong


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    일 전

    Sua pele mudou porque não para de beber refrigerante... Faz mal para a saúde, já pensou em suco de frutas naturais? É bom !!!

  77. Sailor Nom VLOG

    Sailor Nom VLOG

    일 전

    In Russia they say: broke a mirror and wait for 13 years of unhappiness :DDDDD such a bullshit

  78. Minahil Fatima

    Minahil Fatima

    일 전

    It seems u r advertising pepsi😂😂 Btw not healthy

  79. 우지혜


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    샘소나이트가방 제품명이 뭔가용?🙄

  80. Choopremo


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    Wished for a kind manager like yours lol!

  81. Elif


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    19:45 🥺🥺🥺 I love you soooo much 🤗🤗🤗

  82. Pranjal Chauhan

    Pranjal Chauhan

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    Me : sees deemd drinking pepsi Me: now I also want to drink Pepsi ... Calls dad : dad can you bring Pepsi today for me Dad : okay.. 2 hours later Me : dad where is my Pepsi? Dad : hands me a bottle of milk Me : ?!?!?! Dad : it's much better then Pepsi Me : but I want to drink Pepsi dad! Dad : Pepsi is not good for your health, you shouldn't drink it sweetie.... Me : but I don't drink cold drinks that often- Dad : aww don't worry *hands me a lollipop* here take your favorite lollipop 😊 Me: *done with life but not surprised.* okay okay thank you dad love you....

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  85. 이민아


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    딤디님!! 탄산 마니 먹지 마세용 ㅠㅠ 저 진짜 콜라 달고 살았는데 그 짓을 5년 넘게 하니까 갑자기 서른넘어서 아토피같이 피부 뒤집어짐 ㅠㅠ 직장인은 ㄹㅇ 건강관리 필수ㅠㅠ 흑흑

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    크 펩시 제로 라임... 역시 맛잘알~~~

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    왜 지꾸 갓생을 살아~~~~!! 배신감 느껴지게!!!!!!! 하지만 마른하늘에 딤디..단디...

  88. N H.

    N H.

    일 전

    These are so relaxing to watch! Where did you buy the necklace? it looked really nice

  89. jiya


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    i love your hair! do you have a hair care routine?

  90. V. Mishra's art

    V. Mishra's art

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  92. 지으니


    일 전 딤디님 왠지 이거 잘 하실 것 같아요

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    일상을보라 bora

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    부지런한 사람 ...

  94. ADNOIB


    일 전

    Hello, can you tell me the type of your laptop bag? Thank you :)

  95. Linda Schroeder

    Linda Schroeder

    일 전

    Enjoy your videos. I wonder if your skin break outs is related to all the Pepsi you are drinking lately?

  96. 최힘찬


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    새우버거 두개 ... 경이롭군

  97. Vishn U

    Vishn U

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    Hey there deemd I'm a new fan btw do u care if I ask u how old r u !

  98. 72_


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    4:21 냄비부터...사는게 좋을거 가타요........

  99. 체린


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    19:07 다리 꼬면서 보다가 바로 풀었어요,,ㅎㅎㅎ 내 허리 건강 지켜주는 딤디 최고~❤️‍🔥

  100. Selika


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    That purse is gorgeous!!

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