Passed-Away Soon-Shim The Dog’s 3647 Days With Hyo-Ri EP.1

Hyo-ri went back to her old house where her memories with Soon-shim lingers.
The story of Hyo-ri and Soon-shin’s 3647 days together

Hyo-Ri \u0026 Her Dog Soonshim EP.2

Hyo-Ri \u0026 Her Dog Soonshim EP.3

Hyo-Ri \u0026 Her Dog Soonshim EP.4

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  1. SBS TV동물농장x애니멀봐

    SBS TV동물농장x애니멀봐

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    효리와 순심이 시리즈 보러가기↓↓↓ For more Hyori & Her Dog Soon-Shim↓↓↓

    • Play Time!

      Play Time!

      개월 전

      The music is so distrubing. Don't put the music. It is useless

    • Faz M S

      Faz M S

      개월 전

      Thank you SO much for the subtitles🥰

    • 꾸꾸까까


      개월 전

      순심이가 환생한다면 효리씨닮은 진짜 이쁜딸로 태어나 또 만나길 바래요^^

  2. Awanda Brima Destia

    Awanda Brima Destia

    23 시간 전

    Soon-shim 😭😭😭😭

  3. Rizzel Librando

    Rizzel Librando

    일 전


  4. Steph Ko

    Steph Ko

    3 일 전


  5. Steph Ko

    Steph Ko

    3 일 전

    Thank you for sharing such wonderful memories . After seeing your story with your beloved furry kid, we all should look at dogs differently now.

  6. Ella Tran

    Ella Tran

    4 일 전

    I have to go through the same feeling , hard to said good bye to our lovely friend. I am still trying to move on after all , I know she is in a better place … but I can’t accept that she is gone , 11 great years together is not enough for me . I just want to keep her by my side 😞

  7. Ida Dazzling

    Ida Dazzling

    4 일 전

    I just found out today that they moved out from this house. I'm a big fan of the bed and breakfast, this made me cry

  8. Chen Villanueva

    Chen Villanueva

    4 일 전

    I wish they could come back to this house. It was full of their memories 😭 hope people would just give them the privacy they need. 😢

  9. Huyen Phan

    Huyen Phan

    4 일 전

    너무 슬퍼서 끝까지 못 봤어요 ㅠㅠ

  10. Aron Carl Flores

    Aron Carl Flores

    6 일 전

    So long Soon-Shim. We may have only seen you in Hyori's B&B, but you're one memorable doggo. Hope you plays in heaven forever.

  11. Ali Youngblood

    Ali Youngblood

    7 일 전

    Breaking my heart over here 🥺🥺🥺

  12. dexie 13

    dexie 13

    9 일 전

    Rest in Peace Soon shim, i remember the time when IU practice Yoga with Hyori, Soon shim checking on IU as when she let out dolphin voice, such a caring dog. And i love this moment 5:04 you can see the dog is so happy going back to their home, i hope after this Video, people realize not to invading their space, and hyori back to this house.

  13. Hương Nguyễn Thị Mai

    Hương Nguyễn Thị Mai

    12 일 전

    괜찮아. 죽음이 결국 제일 편안한 것으로 가는거니 너무 슬퍼하지 맙시다! 좋은 추억만 인생끝까지 가져주시면 됩니다. 그것도 아마 순심의 바램일 수도 있습니다.

  14. cara m

    cara m

    17 일 전

    I read the title and my heart sank

  15. cara m

    cara m

    17 일 전


  16. PMH


    18 일 전

    In the end, all that's left are memories😞

  17. PMH


    18 일 전


  18. Eris TV

    Eris TV

    18 일 전


  19. 모두의 개냥 mogaenyang

    모두의 개냥 mogaenyang

    18 일 전

    아직도 부족하겠지만 몇 년 전만 해도 입양문화가 지금처럼 많이 있지 않았던 것 같아요.. 선한 영향력을 남겨준 순심이 효리씨 너무 감사합니다.

  20. Soul W.

    Soul W.

    19 일 전

    몇년전, 방송에서 효리씨가 순심이와 노을을 보며 “순심아 무슨 생각해...?” 하며 순심이랑 바다를 바라보던 장면이 늘 잊혀지지 않았어요. 이효리 당신은 내가 본 사람중 가장 아름다운 사람 이고 늘 닮고싶은 사람 이예요. 순심이 소식에 마니 가슴 아파했었고 이 영상을 보니 다시 또 눈물이 나네요. 늘 응원 하고 있어요.

  21. Shehari Jayasooriya

    Shehari Jayasooriya

    19 일 전

    Did SBS buy this house ?

  22. Techno Spyform1

    Techno Spyform1

    20 일 전

    Petition for increased security for Hyori's old house...

  23. adreynalynrush


    21 일 전

    Omggggg. This is really really sad 😭😭😭

  24. Snowy Yeap

    Snowy Yeap

    21 일 전

    I know this is going to be a sad one.. got myself together before watching it. Not even half way through I can’t stop myself from crying 😭 Thinking back those memories at bed & breakfast S1 & S2. We know how loyal and loving as Soon Shim was. I can’t stop crying thinking about it and the video of her slowly feeling weak but still hang in there just to be with Hyori touches my heart deeply💗

  25. xx mrs

    xx mrs

    21 일 전

    I hope there is new variety show like Hyori's B&B, with new theme

  26. 빠다옥수수


    22 일 전

    많이 힘드셨구나 얼굴이 수척하시네...

  27. Lillian Z

    Lillian Z

    22 일 전

    Hyo-ri is such a down to earth superstar, beautiful inside and out.

  28. Niven Lim yu

    Niven Lim yu

    22 일 전

    I lost my dog 2 months ago and I break down almost anytime, loosing a dog is hard and I hope she is coping well

  29. nieen meon

    nieen meon

    24 일 전

    順心!! T^T

  30. nadzirah mahat

    nadzirah mahat

    24 일 전

    What happen to the catss 🥺

  31. tatlı patates

    tatlı patates

    25 일 전

    Noooo no 😭😭😭😭😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😫😫😭😫😫😫😭😭😫😫😫🥺

  32. tatlı patates

    tatlı patates

    25 일 전


  33. Phoebe wu

    Phoebe wu

    26 일 전

    裡面有一句「前院都沒變」「我們為什麼要離開這麼好的地方?」 看了孝利的民宿後,再看到這影片,人事已非...覺得心疼及難過... 原本該是他們生活一輩子的地方,卻因為一些自私的人, 干擾了原本平靜的生活,而搬離了這裡....這個充滿回憶的地方

  34. Marinette Solas

    Marinette Solas

    26 일 전

    This feels like we're also going back to their old house. Too much emotions and memories from Hyori's Stay. We miss you, Soon shim! ❤️❤️❤️

  35. Maria Alim

    Maria Alim

    26 일 전

    I love you both . You have such a normal peaceful life in Jeju with your loving pets. Its heartbreaking to find out the passing of one of your loved one.

  36. A M

    A M

    26 일 전

    This hits hard when you watched 2 seasons of Hyori's B&B 😭

  37. Intro life

    Intro life

    26 일 전


  38. Ran Ma

    Ran Ma

    27 일 전

    So sad. 😭 They all loved it here and they had to leave.

  39. marina l

    marina l

    27 일 전

    Am a big fan from Thailand. You guys have no idea of how many times I keep watching Hayori's bed and breakfast. I love everything in that show. Their cats Mimi,Samshik, Soonyi and dogs. Soon shim, guana, medal, soksham, koshil and Mocca. Respect the idea of adopting instead of buying. Love Their home and surrounding. love the way they treat their guests and Jeeun, Yunaa and Bokom💞💕❤ Knowing that Soonshim has gone and they had to move out from their beloved home because of those stupid people such a heart breaking for me. 💔😥😢 Before knowing this bad news I still have hope of new season of the show but now my hope has shattered into pieces😢😥😭 Hope they have already found new love nest. Everything will be remembered Love u Hayori and Sangshoon💞💕

  40. Mufida Achmad

    Mufida Achmad

    28 일 전

    I’m crying watching this, I missed my cats ☹️

  41. Ajeng Sulistianingsih

    Ajeng Sulistianingsih

    28 일 전


  42. 南さちこ


    28 일 전


  43. Channel Soshi

    Channel Soshi

    28 일 전

    really hurt my heart when i see SoonShim again

  44. Nur Amylia Rozzana

    Nur Amylia Rozzana

    28 일 전

    i just crying when see the title

  45. joji sky

    joji sky

    28 일 전

    jeju house remind me of hyori bed and breakfast ugh time fly

  46. eye seed

    eye seed

    29 일 전


  47. cheristar


    29 일 전

    I lost my doggie this year. This made me cry.

  48. Shei Dee

    Shei Dee

    29 일 전

    It's really sad that our furry friends have much shorter lifespans.

  49. Artie Hek

    Artie Hek

    개월 전

    Omg I'm tearing up

  50. Clara Nwe

    Clara Nwe

    개월 전

    I just lost my dog 2 days ago to tetanus, this hits me way harder. Only I wished my dog was able to live longer too, he was only 2.

  51. Ria Nukha

    Ria Nukha

    개월 전

    Iyaya hyori pindah rumah karena udah banyak yg tau alamat mereka

  52. bella soba

    bella soba

    개월 전

    Ahhh... I really miss seing them in this house...

  53. Tanya M

    Tanya M

    개월 전

    Soon-shim was so loved. I feel so sad for them about the house. They obviously still really love and miss this house. It was their home. I wish people would just leave them alone. I hope they can live there again someday.

  54. P Faatasi

    P Faatasi

    개월 전

    rip soonshim

  55. P Faatasi

    P Faatasi

    개월 전

    ah luv them so much

  56. Indian probably from NE

    Indian probably from NE

    개월 전


  57. Nafa Oktha Salsalbilla

    Nafa Oktha Salsalbilla

    개월 전

    I just hope people can respect their privacy, it sad to see they are not in that house anymore.

  58. Irene Cuntapay

    Irene Cuntapay

    개월 전

    Rest in peace soon-shim

  59. Chesca&Leisure


    개월 전


  60. Issa Irig

    Issa Irig

    개월 전

    It’s sad losing a dog :(

  61. Venessa Tan

    Venessa Tan

    개월 전

    Rest in peace Soon-shim

  62. biska


    개월 전

    피아노 소리가 내용보다 너무 커요

  63. euphrosyne evadne

    euphrosyne evadne

    개월 전

    missin hyori's bed n breakfast but then i saw this : ))

  64. Hoàng Ngân

    Hoàng Ngân

    개월 전

    Rest in peace Soon shim and dear Ponta ~ i miss you ...

  65. sucicuzzy


    개월 전


  66. that highkey fan

    that highkey fan

    개월 전


  67. Eunice Labrada

    Eunice Labrada

    개월 전


  68. 제이레나


    개월 전

    너무 괴로워서 못보겠ㄷ

  69. peacelife


    개월 전

    I cried just reading the title and then saw her history with her beloved dog. They had such great memories together. It would be if our best friends stay with us and die together. Their life has such a short span

  70. hyeonmin0126


    개월 전

    집이 아직 그대로인게 너무 반갑다

  71. Irma Fitria R

    Irma Fitria R

    개월 전

    Eventhough i only saw it from B&B but i feel the sadness too, I couldn’t help but tears keep falling down when knows some of the pets has gone into the better place.

  72. Claudia Albadianty

    Claudia Albadianty

    개월 전

    Cant help but cry.. rest in peace shon shim

  73. Kari Kiral

    Kari Kiral

    개월 전

    This got me bawlin...ugh! I remember my first dog and was broken up when it happened. We will meet our sweet babies one day🐶

  74. Alem Pongen

    Alem Pongen

    개월 전

    I can't imagine their pain💔💔💔

  75. Alem Pongen

    Alem Pongen

    개월 전

    I want to watch this but I won't. My heart won't be able to handle it.

  76. Love Cound

    Love Cound

    개월 전


  77. Sabrina Affan

    Sabrina Affan

    개월 전


  78. April Galleto

    April Galleto

    개월 전

    I'm not crying 😭😊 😭😊😊😭😭😭😭

  79. Agung Ida

    Agung Ida

    개월 전

    One of the hardest part of being a pet parents. I also lost one of my fur leg kid to the Heaven recently. It's really painful and break my heart so much when my beautiful ones back to the Heaven. Rest in love dear Soon Shim to the rainbow bridge 🌈😘😢🐶 Deepest condolences for Lee Hyo-Ri and Lee Sang-Soon

  80. Chae-yi


    개월 전

    This is so heartbreaking to feel the lost of ur good companion, I felt that too.. so be strong hyori & all of the people see this clips..

  81. Krystal Paige

    Krystal Paige

    개월 전

    Didn't know that Hyori and Sangsoon sold the house I love all the episodes of b&b although I don't love there but i can feel that that house keep a lot of memories of Hyori, Sangsoon, their pets and all the guests who has came by and stayed

  82. Chesla Vo

    Chesla Vo

    개월 전

    soon-shim ahhh~ Ji Eun must be very sad:(

  83. Hin A

    Hin A

    개월 전


  84. Arlyn Raymundo

    Arlyn Raymundo

    개월 전


  85. pia’s corners

    pia’s corners

    개월 전

    Thank you youtube for recommending this video to me. I miss Hyori, Sangsoon, and their pets.

  86. Darth Krohlik

    Darth Krohlik

    개월 전

    SBS and their poor editing skills. 🤦‍♀️ The background music drowns Hyori's dialogues.

  87. Luna Solana

    Luna Solana

    개월 전

    They should come back to this house. This house was their home. And people should really stop invading celebrities' private lives. They are public figures but they are not public properties.

    • Lucoms


      8 일 전

      Leaving a house that you've lived in for a long time is like leaving a loved one.

    • Ran Ma

      Ran Ma

      27 일 전

      True. This house seemed really perfect for them. They were happy here.

    • marina l

      marina l

      27 일 전

      So sorry to hear that😢😭

    • Luna Solana

      Luna Solana

      개월 전

      @jens mith jtbc bought it right away.

    • Christine Ku

      Christine Ku

      개월 전

      @byjsun people kept ringing their doorbell after the show where they did like an airbnb (hyori's minbak) and so they had to move. They're still in jeju, but they had to move because people would not leave them alone. It's truly inappropriate and invasive. People have such weird entitlement and expectations when it comes to celebrities lol.

  88. Hage h Tumpi

    Hage h Tumpi

    개월 전

    Missing this lovely family and the love they shared with others in this house😭😭😭❤️❤️ bring backs all the memories

  89. PiLus MaXimus

    PiLus MaXimus

    개월 전

    They are a part of our lives for such a short time, but for them, we are their whole life. Fly high, Soon-Shim.

  90. Vei


    개월 전

    what problem with Soon-Shim

  91. 아리만마루


    개월 전

    너무나도 강아지를 좋아하지만 . 두번의 이별을 겪고 난뒤엔 키울 자신이 없음 .. 그저 랜선으로 지켜보는게 제 마음에 제일 좋은거 같아서 ...

  92. tutticlub


    개월 전


  93. 병맛킴


    개월 전

    5:21 구아바 발 미끄러지는거 왜이리 사랑스럽죠 😟☺😍

  94. 쫑그리


    개월 전

    이거 보면서 돼지 콧소리 컹컹 꺼이꺼이 내면서 울고 있는데 내 발 밑에서 동그랗게 몸 말고 우리 두두가 자고 있네..ㅠㅠ진짜 오래오래 살았으면 좋겠다아

  95. Irene Ou

    Irene Ou

    개월 전


  96. Christine Andrea Manalo

    Christine Andrea Manalo

    개월 전

    I'm crying watching this :(( it's so hard watching your dog die :(

  97. Carmen Huang

    Carmen Huang

    개월 전

    im ugly crying over soon-shim & their first jeju house

  98. Lamia lim

    Lamia lim

    개월 전

    شكرا مره للي ترجم الفيديو باللغة العربية من بعد برنامج هيوري الواقعي المبيت و الافطار و انا متعلقه في هاذي العائلة كثير احبهم مره و متشكره مره للي ترجم الفيديو وشيء جدا مؤسم رحيل واحد من اهم كلابها 💔

  99. Zimmerman


    개월 전


  100. iam Red

    iam Red

    개월 전

    JTBC should've built them a new house too. It is just so sad that they have to move out.

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