Jackass Forever | Official Trailer (2021 Movie)


  1. Staz Tazz

    Staz Tazz

    4 시간 전

    Glad the got Machine Gun Keller on the trend mill.

  2. Not/Applicable Band

    Not/Applicable Band

    5 시간 전

    Is it selfish that I hope this movie is 3 hours long

  3. Aey Phan

    Aey Phan

    5 시간 전

    Please dont let the last clip be the main event

  4. Тимур


    5 시간 전

    Im from Russia? im 32 and im glad to see them togethjer again!!! Damn this is tearless))) Fucking awesome, guys!!! THE BEST!

  5. Chris Bott

    Chris Bott

    5 시간 전

    Going to be the best one yet!!!! Lfg!

  6. Normylife


    5 시간 전

    fuck yeah. finally some shit to be excited about again.

  7. lilsdon


    5 시간 전

    I haven't larffed so much, since i buried the mother in law in the cavity wall hahahaha

  8. Canin kelso

    Canin kelso

    6 시간 전

    It’s a shame bam won’t be In it

  9. Gleu


    6 시간 전

    This shit ain't the same without Bam...

  10. John Booker's Full spectrum

    John Booker's Full spectrum

    6 시간 전

    Bam who?

  11. iambenhudson


    6 시간 전

    Impractical Jokers do it better

  12. futszasty


    6 시간 전

    Im so happy now !!!

  13. john walker

    john walker

    6 시간 전

    Cannot wait!

  14. Carlos Vega

    Carlos Vega

    6 시간 전

    Beautiful old days ♥

  15. Raí Carvalho

    Raí Carvalho

    7 시간 전

    miss BAM

  16. Jonathan Chapman

    Jonathan Chapman

    7 시간 전

    I’ve been waiting too long for this but they need to hire new people cuz I love seeing them get hurt. That the only thing I like

  17. Erre


    7 시간 전

    I curious about how Gen-Z it's going to take this xD specially if they don't know what's "jackass" ! xD

  18. Tunesia 3sT

    Tunesia 3sT

    7 시간 전


  19. Carlos Nieto dorado

    Carlos Nieto dorado

    7 시간 전

    Waooo son de mi juventud

  20. LatinMessiah


    7 시간 전

    Where's Bam?

  21. Sam Cavoulas

    Sam Cavoulas

    7 시간 전

    Long live CKY! Where's Bam at guys?



    8 시간 전

    I realized that Johnny looks like Trevor Philips' twin)

  23. Kenzo Tenma

    Kenzo Tenma

    8 시간 전

    Ryan Dunn forever

  24. hen ko

    hen ko

    8 시간 전

    Now we just need Dirty Sanchez to return and we have the full set ☠️

  25. Skyler Mallow

    Skyler Mallow

    8 시간 전

    If only bam was in it😪

  26. Pettson 1989

    Pettson 1989

    8 시간 전

    where is Bam?

  27. Ramalho Moreira

    Ramalho Moreira

    8 시간 전

    Where´s Bam Margera?🤷‍♀️

  28. King


    8 시간 전

    Baguio é doido mermão.

    • hen ko

      hen ko

      8 시간 전

      Bam turned this down to be on Dr. Phil: Forever

  29. Miller Time

    Miller Time

    8 시간 전

    Pretty shit how they didn’t invite bam To be in it,I know he’s going through some things just now but I think if he was in the movie it might have helped him out

  30. fancya A cuppat

    fancya A cuppat

    9 시간 전

    I can't wait and also great video Steve - o on hot stuff top fan 👍

  31. aspalovin


    9 시간 전

    GEEEZ!!!! The bear!! lmfao. These guys are too much.

  32. Fein Geist

    Fein Geist

    9 시간 전

    Welcome Back Guys 💪🥵🤮😫😡☠️💀🚒🏒🎱🪓🗡️💉💊🩸⚔️⚰️⛔🚫☢️⚠️

  33. Bryan & Leo

    Bryan & Leo

    9 시간 전

    When ur broke so u have to do whatever it takes to make money🤣👎

  34. charles martel

    charles martel

    9 시간 전

    Love the jackass crew

  35. larryfine88


    9 시간 전

    The stars get older, but the audience that likes this remains the same age.

  36. Liam J. Arias

    Liam J. Arias

    10 시간 전

    I love the ending but damn, he needs to wise up!

  37. Jimmy H. Manback

    Jimmy H. Manback

    10 시간 전

    I’ll watch this just to see that Pete Davidson dude get dropped. 🤣👍

  38. No music RC

    No music RC

    10 시간 전

    The people who thumbs down this video shop at Walmart

  39. jin lim

    jin lim

    10 시간 전

    nope. yall are done.

  40. XENO


    10 시간 전

    Not to include Bam Magera in this was just wrong, he was obviously upset about it

  41. Cannasib Genetics

    Cannasib Genetics

    10 시간 전

    Cky forever 🙌🏻

  42. Jeffrey Dyess

    Jeffrey Dyess

    10 시간 전

    Bam turned this down to be on Dr. Phil: Forever

  43. Blake Barlow

    Blake Barlow

    10 시간 전

    Was that MGK?

  44. andy kane

    andy kane

    10 시간 전

    Where the hell is bam

  45. Maka Uome

    Maka Uome

    11 시간 전


  46. I


    11 시간 전

    Sadly, this is going to be the best thing to happen this decade. Not too sadly tho, because this is exactly what we need!

  47. Putin's handsome twin

    Putin's handsome twin

    11 시간 전

    holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit

  48. Teddington Bear

    Teddington Bear

    11 시간 전

    Geriatric edition

  49. Muszkinson


    11 시간 전


  50. Terminator t0mat0

    Terminator t0mat0

    12 시간 전


  51. You don't see an old man havin' a Twix

    You don't see an old man havin' a Twix

    12 시간 전

    Judging by the reaction to the bear, some of these seem fake.

  52. You don't see an old man havin' a Twix

    You don't see an old man havin' a Twix

    12 시간 전

    I feel sad for Bam

  53. salalaj


    12 시간 전


  54. Josh Richards

    Josh Richards

    12 시간 전

    Wheres bam?

  55. ฑิฆัมพร หอมวุฒิวงศ์

    ฑิฆัมพร หอมวุฒิวงศ์

    12 시간 전

    this good movie, recomended !!!

  56. Darkholow


    13 시간 전

    I've waited a decade to hear that "Hello, I'm Johnny Knoxville and welcome to Jackass" again..the nostalgia is real.

  57. aint very ga1z

    aint very ga1z

    13 시간 전

    Yea like they are proffesinals

  58. [Zombie] Revenge

    [Zombie] Revenge

    13 시간 전

    Hope SJW will suck in new season))

  59. jude de julian

    jude de julian

    13 시간 전

    Cant wait for this....this will b fun...for sure...and painful😂😂😂

  60. Lenn Slim

    Lenn Slim

    13 시간 전

    There will never be anything like these guys. Enjoyed this 20 year run of timeless laughs.

  61. Ducksoup67


    13 시간 전

    Sorry guys you lost me at token.

  62. Revan Pendragon

    Revan Pendragon

    13 시간 전

    They def arent dunn yet

  63. Person_with_a_camera


    13 시간 전

    Jackass is simultaneously the lowest and highest form of entertainment

  64. IvGotBallsOfSteel


    13 시간 전

    I think there is more to the Bam thing than meets the eye. I think he might of wanted to pay respect to the CKY days and got shut down or was unable to properly converse what he meant and then got shut down. A lot of people here wont have a clue what the CKY series were and it shows after looking at the comments. A few people do, but not many at all. kodron.info/mine/qWq6f6TYrGxk0qc/bidio.html

  65. kiya rasa7193

    kiya rasa7193

    14 시간 전


  66. GME Ticker

    GME Ticker

    14 시간 전

    Fuck this, if Bams not in it it's not worth watching.

  67. kralbal


    14 시간 전

    No Bam, no Jackass.

  68. IvGotBallsOfSteel


    14 시간 전

    Its going to be cringe, the cky stuff was the best and i dont mean when they were promoting the band... i mean the cky videos that they did before jackass was even a thing.

  69. Clubber Lang

    Clubber Lang

    14 시간 전

    Man I’m still hoping Margera has lost a bet and introduces during the movie: hey I’m Bam Margera and this is ‘the fake rehab story’. Of course this is not going to happen, but that would be the best part of the movie.

  70. Frankie Cuellar

    Frankie Cuellar

    14 시간 전

    Where bam?

  71. Tractors Chemer

    Tractors Chemer

    14 시간 전


  72. El Grando Smokio

    El Grando Smokio

    14 시간 전

    When the world needed them the most, they returned

  73. Briguy164


    15 시간 전

    Hollywood really has run out of new ideas.....

  74. Achtzehnhundertdreiundneunzig


    15 시간 전

    Jackass was cool 15 years ago.

  75. WARHammer


    15 시간 전


  76. Mouse


    15 시간 전

    No Bam. I refuse

  77. Windsurfing At Meerwijck

    Windsurfing At Meerwijck

    15 시간 전


  78. Holy Lord of Madness

    Holy Lord of Madness

    15 시간 전

    compared to back in the day it will be a kids show .... why would u even call it jackass

  79. Tony Quigley

    Tony Quigley

    16 시간 전

    It's funny how people have a look when they're in their 20's that people think is cool and suits them, like Johnny with the black spikey hair and the black rimmed glasses looked cool to alot of people... but 25 years later, dyin his hair and STILL doing the same look... it's so sad how so many people are terrified to change their ONE look their whole lives, as someone told them once it looked cool, and now thats it for life for them haha like he's 50, and he's STILL got the EXACT same look from the 90's lol... it;s so sad... he still think's he looks like he did then... he's even wearin the same sh*tty dirty looking converse all star tied up around his ankles ffs.... everyone else has changed though which is good. I think he's like one o those beautiful women who are in LOVE with themselves, like most of these cute youtube girls, they're SO narcissistic it's insane, they can't stop looking at themselves and posin, yet what happens is when they start gettin older and losing their looks, it destroys them, so they end up getting plastic surgery out the wazoooo lolo johnny is the male version

  80. kyle brown

    kyle brown

    16 시간 전


  81. Make a wish kid

    Make a wish kid

    16 시간 전

    You guys took out bam because he couldn’t stay sober but you bring in cokehead Kelly?

  82. Y154 Yu55uf

    Y154 Yu55uf

    16 시간 전

    No thanks, this was cool when I was 13

  83. traghettatore del crostolo

    traghettatore del crostolo

    16 시간 전


  84. Amin Ahmad

    Amin Ahmad

    17 시간 전

    The only movies that don’t use CGI

  85. Matthew Besson

    Matthew Besson

    17 시간 전


  86. Mario


    17 시간 전

    Hahaha I am definitely going to go watch this movie😁😂🤣

  87. jay 00

    jay 00

    17 시간 전

    Was that mgk

  88. Ani T

    Ani T

    17 시간 전

    Wonder if steve o will get the money he deserved

  89. arba mia

    arba mia

    18 시간 전

    WTF knoxville got grey hair!!!!! LOLOLOLOL

  90. Michael Zhelev

    Michael Zhelev

    18 시간 전

    No Bam Margera, no thank you

  91. Bad Skooma Dealer

    Bad Skooma Dealer

    18 시간 전

    THIS is what the world needs right now, not even kidding

  92. Syozik Production

    Syozik Production

    18 시간 전

    Ахуеть... Слов нет

  93. Jens Henrik Sandell

    Jens Henrik Sandell

    18 시간 전

    @2:21: something is missing here! I remember the voiceover reading the text as “blah blah blah, blah blah…”

  94. Josla


    18 시간 전

    What a bunch of stupid idiots, PLEASE.... I need MORE of this :)

  95. suf muhamad

    suf muhamad

    19 시간 전

    Bam crying watching this

  96. GuiGui BR

    GuiGui BR

    19 시간 전

    Cadê os BRs??? 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

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