[Playlist] Standing Egg | Bolbbalgan4 | J_ust


  1. Cute Things

    Cute Things

    7 개월 전

    . 0:00 Soothe - J_ust, Junmo 3:47 Some - Bolbbalgan4 6:48 초콜릿 - Bolbbalgan4 9:57 Cuz It's You - Standing Egg 14:12 Rainbow - Standing Egg, yuNdAk 17:21 심술 - Bolbbalgan4 19:59 Soft - J_ust 23:56 Beautiful My Love - Urban Zakapa (cover) 27:47 I am Love - Tearliner, Yozoh 30:28 Rain In The Night - J_ust 34:29 The Night We Parted - ACOURVE 38:18 How's Your Night - J_ust 42:38 Friend To Lover - Standing Egg 45:42 I Want To Take A Nap - J_ust 49:02 Summer Flowers - J_ust, Yun Ddan Ddan

    • Mukhamad Billal

      Mukhamad Billal

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  2. Kate Maris

    Kate Maris

    20 일 전

    Thank you for this soft video

  3. Hoàng Linh

    Hoàng Linh

    26 일 전

    oh this playlist is very very interestingggg

  4. lol naz

    lol naz

    27 일 전

    felt relax and cute

  5. Atyqah Delaila

    Atyqah Delaila

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  6. ថតតន្រ្ដី-Thort Dontrey

    ថតតន្រ្ដី-Thort Dontrey

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  7. 송영욱


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    백그라운드 스타트업 스탠딩에그 감사합니다

  8. สุดาพร ช่วยรักษา

    สุดาพร ช่วยรักษา

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  9. laura castillo ruiz

    laura castillo ruiz

    개월 전

    very nice 😍👏👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️

  10. Mielfe Pilay

    Mielfe Pilay

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  11. May's edits

    May's edits

    개월 전

    such a healing playlist ;-;

  12. iTz HAZEN`

    iTz HAZEN`

    개월 전

    i saw bol4 and standing egg i click!!!

  13. Jongie Shopeu

    Jongie Shopeu

    개월 전

    how's your night is cover 😁 that song by jung eunji

    • Cute Things

      Cute Things

      개월 전

      jung eunji did the cover. J_ust did the original version ^_^

  14. Tasneem


    2 개월 전

    Omg I really love this 😍 so adorable.

  15. TRK KMTM


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  16. Chai Bowornsith

    Chai Bowornsith

    2 개월 전

    Good combo

  17. Như Minh

    Như Minh

    2 개월 전

    So cute. Thank you for this playlist

  18. Dhanashree Ingale

    Dhanashree Ingale

    2 개월 전

    Thank you for making it. I really loved it....it so relaxing, calm and feels like its gonna be fine just stay there.....its like having warm hug of these voices

    • Cute Things

      Cute Things

      2 개월 전

      Thanks 🙈❤️

  19. tokkizie 夢の雲

    tokkizie 夢の雲

    2 개월 전

    dosan and dalmi

  20. Magfirah Aliyya

    Magfirah Aliyya

    2 개월 전

    thank youuu💗

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