【4K HDR】Night Walk in Tokyo Shibuya (東京散歩) - Fall 2020

Checking out all the latest sights around Shibuya on a Friday night.

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What I originally thought would only take an hour ended up being close to a 2 hour walk. Shibuya is growing like crazy, and I still can't believe how many new buildings have come up in the past year!

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00:00 Intro
00:50 Shibuya Stream
16:54 Hikarie
22:30 Miyashita Park
40:35 Shibuya Crossing
47:35 Center-gai
57:21 Shibuya Parco
01:03:11 Abema TV
01:10:05 Dogenzaka
01:22:00 Chuo-gai / Tokyu Plaza
01:34:01 Sakurazaka
01:40:58 Holograms at Tokyo Plaza
01:44:29 Back to Shibuya Crossing




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    • Colorful Animations

      Colorful Animations

      14 일 전

      @Ankit Tera exp Singh Don't be a pessimist.

    • Ankit Tera exp Singh

      Ankit Tera exp Singh

      19 일 전

      Imagine if America drop one nuclear bomb on tokyo

    • Colorful Animations

      Colorful Animations

      2 개월 전

      Hey, VIRTUAL JAPAN, how many languages do you speak? I just saw you love a comment that was all in Spanish.

    • Carlo Gamez

      Carlo Gamez

      2 개월 전

      @Peter Veer guest /GOod replies

    • Kimi Honma

      Kimi Honma

      4 개월 전

      This is one of my favorites Japanese walking channel. Other my favorites are “HangOuTown” and “JAPANESE SCENERY CHANNEL”.

  2. Ali's Variety

    Ali's Variety

    10 시간 전

    Imagine living here

  3. Mark Riffe

    Mark Riffe

    17 시간 전

    Tokyo is beautiful

  4. Silas Bispo Dos Santos

    Silas Bispo Dos Santos

    18 시간 전

    Pray for those who has astigmatism in this city

  5. Bughu


    21 시간 전

    I live now for 22 years in germany I have never walked on streets after 6 O'clock evening ,, germany is indeed a dead country.

  6. Epic Club

    Epic Club

    일 전

    The KOdron gods have blessed my recommendations once again!!!!

  7. Channelじゃがいも


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    ニューヨークみたいなダイナミックな街もかっこいいけど、やっぱ東京が好き 繊細で、ブルーのライトがきれいすぎる。 こういう街もあれば、下町の日本風の街があったり、一言で東京と言ってもいろんな顔があるよね

  8. Lit Fire

    Lit Fire

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    That’s cool

  9. CMT Film Vlog

    CMT Film Vlog

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    cảm ơn bạn đã chia sẻ những khoảnh khắc tuyệt vời như thế, tôi có thể biết thêm về đất nước bạn, bạn hãy chia sẻ nhiều hơn nữa nhé!

  10. Yumi Daisy

    Yumi Daisy

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  11. BeastRealm wolf

    BeastRealm wolf

    2 일 전

    I officially love Japan now, looks like the inside of my gaming pc i built, very clean and full of RGB.

  12. rich mukasa

    rich mukasa

    3 일 전

    Can you please reply.. what camera are you using to film this?

    • rich mukasa

      rich mukasa

      7 시간 전

      @Kurekure Kure Thank you!

    • Kurekure Kure

      Kurekure Kure

      7 시간 전

      You can find it in the description of this video.

  13. aramis menezes

    aramis menezes

    3 일 전

    It's very cool, look this Country. I need visit shibuia one time in my life. No have country in brazil like that

  14. Fabio Barbagallo

    Fabio Barbagallo

    3 일 전

    Its amazing how every little detail in this huge city looks neat, well planed and clean. It seems like every square meter in this city is used in the best and most efficient way. Japan surely is a role model to the world.

  15. Kenny's Gaming WORLD!

    Kenny's Gaming WORLD!

    3 일 전

    55:06 the boy with the blue hoodie is the main character

  16. Sound of nature ASMR

    Sound of nature ASMR

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    Nice Video~

  17. Die Katafalk

    Die Katafalk

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    Im just watching this and it's taking my breath away. I can only imagine actually being there. I would be starry eyed

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    t f

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  19. Mary ann Nogoy

    Mary ann Nogoy

    5 일 전

    Wonderful 😊 and great 👌 city 🌆 of the WORLD ❤️🌍❤️

  20. Mary ann Nogoy

    Mary ann Nogoy

    5 일 전

    Wonderful and the best city 🌆 in the WORLD ❤️🌍❤️

  21. Jacky Mafia USA

    Jacky Mafia USA

    5 일 전

    Love it all about japan. ❤️🇯🇵

  22. jad cdkpt

    jad cdkpt

    5 일 전

    東京か なつかしい

  23. 家田徹


    5 일 전

    特報  自殺公務員   40名以上の静岡県 静岡県警察は 再三再四当方の被害者救済提言の 電話に開き直り職務放棄。公文書情報公開請求連休前に実現。 熱海市 伊豆山?土石流 警察放置の大量殺人事件  現在 盛土工事 許認可手続き等の過去の全資料の公文書 情報公開の請求 先日 熱海市長、県知事あて送付をしました。 被災者のために熱海署に犯罪者の確保を依頼しましたが 当方の個人情報を根掘り葉掘り聞いていました。 多分スパイと思われるので、警察庁、最高検 等に 写しを送付します。 私は79歳現役の市民運動家、国会議員選挙他 無投票防止のため、お金をかけない選挙を実現しています。 東京都出身者で83才の妻の老々介護中で、生活保護以下の 年金で頑張っています。 今年の二月には,私達が追求した土建政治、官製談合の 石川県中能登町元副町長の広瀬が母親を殺して、 立候補運動中の町長選挙に出ずに自殺しました。 近くには、副町長を支援した立憲民主党の 近藤和也代議士と兄の岡野定県議がいます。 ヤフー等で検索できます。 熱海市も静岡県も県警察も逃げ腰状態です。 告発します。公務員・企業犯罪・告発の会   国民の党・民主国民連合  県市民の生活を守る会  代表

  24. moisty eyeball

    moisty eyeball

    5 일 전

    I’d kill to live there

  25. cWade42


    5 일 전

    Unreal engine 6 lookin good

  26. Victoria S

    Victoria S

    6 일 전

    While we're living in the 21st century, Tokyo seems to be in the 22nd.

  27. intriestodofilms


    6 일 전

    ma dude literally recording with a big camera on a stabilizer, and not on an action cam... a legend.

  28. Myvi Silver

    Myvi Silver

    6 일 전

    I have no money to go to Japan.Thanks to this video👍

  29. Tanmay Tamgadge

    Tanmay Tamgadge

    6 일 전

    Looks so futuristic!!!!!!



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    liam wilding

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    What's the name of the song at the intro

  33. Raffalius


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    5:07 He got us ^^

  34. D. W.K

    D. W.K

    8 일 전

    God damn, all men workers wear a suit!

  35. Breno nascimento

    Breno nascimento

    8 일 전

    Song 1:24:04?

    • ILOVE


      7 일 전

      夜に駆ける YOASOBI kodron.info/mine/xrGXh4u_uaGcp6c/bidio.html

  36. Callum Cowley

    Callum Cowley

    8 일 전

    I would love to go to Tokyo some day if my fear of going on a plane would allow me

  37. Carl Wheezer

    Carl Wheezer

    9 일 전

    i want to go there so bad

  38. 최탬스


    9 일 전

    49:01 돌덩이!!! 돌덩이다!!! 우리나라 노래가!!! 일본에서!!! 허어ㅓ어어ㅓ!!!!

  39. 최탬스


    9 일 전

    amazing place...Respect and love from south korea!! 🇰🇷♥🇯🇵♥

  40. Saints Tales

    Saints Tales

    9 일 전

    So clean 💯

  41. kokeshco


    10 일 전

    Recently started watching your videos. Damn, I want to go to Tokyo once again so bad. Greetings from Poland.

  42. Cody Zempel

    Cody Zempel

    11 일 전

    It's one of those places that graces the top of my list yet to visit before I die. Lol so hopefully soon I will get to experience the rich Japanese culture.

  43. Saint Niculae

    Saint Niculae

    11 일 전

    I bet people who live in San Francisco cant watch this with out their heads exploding from confusion and why there isnt poop on every street corner. This place almost doesnt seem real how clean tho lol. Simulation confirmed.

  44. redbeard


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    So many lights i wanna go one day

  45. Octopus Bro

    Octopus Bro

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  46. rex


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  48. NotFantasticWaffles


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    Me just vibing to the video:🙂 Sees Ginza line: 😧 (persona 5 flashbacks)

  49. Shaz J.

    Shaz J.

    12 일 전

    I don't like it. everyone looks the same, no diversity. so depressing

  50. Newrnu


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  51. 변종


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    일본 가본적 없고 가보고 싶지도 않았는데. 이 영상을 보니 방사능 쬐러 한번 가보고 싶어지네요

  52. Walker_ROW


    13 일 전

    Nice video!👍🏻

  53. main stream

    main stream

    13 일 전

    Sure the city is clean and all. But just look at the people! Everyone is so well dressed their diet and lifestyle reflects in their people, there's hardly any overweight person.

  54. Let's walk in Sweden

    Let's walk in Sweden

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    Hi everyone! I just started my own walking tour chanel. I dont have many videos yet. I live in Sweden so a lot of videos from Sweden is coming. Would be so thankful to get some support 😊

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    Priyankush Das

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    • wow4Aion


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      @HRDHK zombies in masks

    • 최탬스


      9 일 전

      @HRDHK that's right

    • HRDHK


      14 일 전

      your face?

  57. Feride Hesenli

    Feride Hesenli

    15 일 전

    Most beautiful city 🎆⛩ ❤️❤️😍

  58. USA is the best country

    USA is the best country

    15 일 전

    I'm from america And japan is better in everything 🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵 Japan Japan is cleaner Japan is safier Japan is more polite Japan is less polluted Japan has better infrastructure Japan has better healthcare Japan has better education Japan has healthier food Japan has healthier people Japan has no homeless Japan has more bright lights Japan has better politics Japan is cheaper

  59. Ghost Hai

    Ghost Hai

    16 일 전

    8:35 Deutsches Bier 🍺😅

  60. Izuku Midoriya

    Izuku Midoriya

    16 일 전

    Shibuya incident

  61. I’m Laughing

    I’m Laughing

    16 일 전

    Seeing From a Small Indian Village Feeling Like I’m in Stone Age 🙄🥺

  62. 101AzureCloudLearning


    16 일 전

    is Tokyo a good place for a brown man like me to for tourism ?

    • I’m Laughing

      I’m Laughing

      16 일 전

      Yeah Sure Japanese are so Polite And they Respect Tourists

  63. 임지원


    16 일 전

    Love Japan from S.Korea!!💗🇰🇷🤝🇯🇵

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      emiko neko

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  64. Keipher Booth

    Keipher Booth

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    I watch these videos dreaming of the day I make it there and see it all for myself

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    Iservoce Iserbove

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  66. Lz2K7


    17 일 전

    I've been fascinated by Japan since i was a little kid.

  67. 신분도


    17 일 전

    Tokyo is art .

  68. Fernanda Diaz

    Fernanda Diaz

    17 일 전

    Beautiful video! And the quality is amazing, may I know which camera did you use? Greetings from the Netherlands

  69. nazar En

    nazar En

    17 일 전


  70. piggykhan


    18 일 전

    Amazing how quiet it is.... don't hear a word from anyone. No crazy dogs or music or yelling or honking or burping 😻

  71. Ankit Tera exp Singh

    Ankit Tera exp Singh

    19 일 전

    Imagine USA being jealous after seeing this and drop one bomb

  72. Ricardo Chambers

    Ricardo Chambers

    19 일 전


  73. Raccoon_Lord


    19 일 전

    My school used to take trips to Japan when we had better funding, now we can only visit African slums and build classrooms.

  74. am GS

    am GS

    20 일 전


    • Strelka


      3 일 전

      自分も東京住みですが、大阪は特に大阪駅と梅田中心街の大都会っぷりが東京を上回っているとも思いましたね。 大阪駅を一歩出た後に目の前に広がった整然とした高層ビル群の綺麗さが忘れられません。

    • みわも


      13 일 전


  75. Amaury Courbin

    Amaury Courbin

    20 일 전

    I always thought, it's impossible to have a clean city when there is such a big density of population. Tokyo is the proof you can, Japanese are so polite and respectfull. I hope Paris will do the same but unfortunately many parisians and tourists are not like japanese.

  76. Historia Hub YTTV

    Historia Hub YTTV

    20 일 전

    I have had an interest in Japan since I was a small boy learning about the History and culture especially during the Sengoku Jidai and unification. Now I have a daughter and she has a great interest in Japan too. One day I hope to take my daughter to visit this old and beautiful land. Greetings from the U.K.

  77. logiclee


    22 일 전

    You need this intro music on your current uploads.

  78. Zaidan Al Dzakir

    Zaidan Al Dzakir

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  79. jazi


    22 일 전

    Beautiful places

  80. lil Memze

    lil Memze

    23 일 전

    man when im older i want to go to shibuya the place looks so cool and flashy but the weird thing is to me no has the head held down

  81. Malthe Kristensen

    Malthe Kristensen

    23 일 전

    Wouldn't suprise me if I ended up moving to Tokyo!

  82. C. C.

    C. C.

    24 일 전


    • Strelka


      3 일 전

      渋谷繁華街の早朝は地味に結構ヤバイよね…w 各飲食店の出したゴミ(含残飯)とか、酔っ払い達の嘔吐物が早朝という時間帯ゆえにまだ片付けられずに路上に放置されてることが多いから臭いキツイことが確かにある。

  83. Marius Evaneself

    Marius Evaneself

    24 일 전

    Dear Japanese people, I love you!

  84. Josh Au

    Josh Au

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    5:08 he almost went the wrong escalator

  85. Akumu no gensō

    Akumu no gensō

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    Thaynara silva

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    Grampa's Gaming Channel

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    Highly disciplined in their public and private lives for the most part.

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  91. Jun Hernandez

    Jun Hernandez

    26 일 전

    It's been 3 years since I've left Japan, I feel like I'm missing so much. Can't wait to go back and see what I've been missed out around Tokyo. 🇯🇵🇵🇭

  92. sergio lozano

    sergio lozano

    26 일 전

    Why aren’t there any dogs is there a law for dogs in public ?

    • Malthe Kristensen

      Malthe Kristensen

      23 일 전

      I mean dogs in a giant city is'nt to ideal

  93. haribo245


    27 일 전

    In the top of the countries with the highest suicide rate. In this passing world you can wins everything, to live in a city of the future such as Tokyo, but what good is it if you lose your soul?

    • Socks _Cat

      Socks _Cat

      20 일 전

      haha,You are a lie or ignorant with no information. Japan is 25th. High ranking of suicide mortality rates worldwide 1 Flag of Lesotho Lesotho Graph Icon 72.40 2 Guyana Flag Guyana Graph Icon 40.30 3 Swaziland Flag Swaziland Graph Icon 29.40 4 Republic of Korea Flag of Korea Graph Icon 28.60 5 Kiribati Flag Kiribati Graph Icon 28.30 6 Federated States of Micronesia Flag Icon Federated States of Micronesia Graph Icon 28.20 7 Lithuanian flag Lithuanian graph icon 26.10 8 Suriname Flag Suriname Graph Icon 25.40 9 Flag of the Russian Federation Russian Federation Graph Icon 25.10 10 South Africa Flag South Africa Graph Icon 23.50 11 Ukrainian flag Ukrainian graph icon 21.60 12 Uruguay Flag Uruguay Graph Icon 21.20 12 Belarus flag Belarus graph icon 21.20 14 Montenegro Flag Montenegro Graph Icon 21 15 Latvian flag Latvian graph icon 20.10 16 Flag of Slovenia Slovenia Graph Icon 19.80 17 Belgium Flag Belgium Graph Icon 18.30 18 Vanuatu Flag Vanuatu Graph Icon 18 19 Mongolian flag Mongolian graph icon 17.90 20 Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Graph Icon 17.60 21 Hungarian flag Hungarian graph icon 16.60 22 Croatian flag Croatia graph icon 16.40 23 United States Flag United States Graph Icon 16.10 23 Botswana Flag Botswana Graph Icon 16.10 25 Japanese flag Japan graph icon 15.30 25 Finnish flag Finland graph icon 15.30

  94. Levi


    27 일 전

    Friend: do you have a crush on anybody? Me: japan. Friend: oh wow thats a unique name for somebody! Me: no I mean the country.

  95. Besharps


    27 일 전

    This is one of the clearest video on KOdron, watching in 4K makes me feel like I'm actually there wow

  96. Sasha M

    Sasha M

    27 일 전

    Looking at the population of Japan, you really don’t see obese people unlike here in Canada and especially the states.

  97. Christian Wilson

    Christian Wilson

    28 일 전

    10:36 I see you in the reflection

  98. 明星


    28 일 전


  99. Bible Bot

    Bible Bot

    28 일 전

    “And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.” Revelation‬ ‭20:15‬

  100. Osvaldo Perdomo

    Osvaldo Perdomo

    28 일 전

    using this video to try out my new pc at ulrta 4k power its fucking insane.. i had a xbox one s for comparison

    • Osvaldo Perdomo

      Osvaldo Perdomo

      28 일 전

      also playing minecraft with rtx at the same time

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