Conor McGregor REACTS to Machine Gun Kelly FIGHT at VMAs!

ET caught up with professional fighter Conor McGregor after his intense confrontation with Machine Gun Kelly on the VMAs red carpet. The 2021 MTV Video Music Awards aired Sunday, Sept. 12.

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  1. Entertainment Tonight

    Entertainment Tonight

    2 일 전

    Check out this new angle of Conor McGregor and Machine Gun Kelly’s scuffle on the VMAs red carpet ->

    • Heraldo Medrano

      Heraldo Medrano

      14 시간 전

      @Leo Luna fake dram

    • Leo Luna

      Leo Luna

      14 시간 전

      Megan’s so hot

    • Heraldo Medrano

      Heraldo Medrano

      16 시간 전


    • Rachelle Dowdy

      Rachelle Dowdy

      20 시간 전

      Any press is good press Well played boys

    • Nichell


      23 시간 전

      MGK ain’t losing his goddess to that hot hunk of a man man 😛😛😛 but Dayum Megan & Connor would be hot. Megan is always calling MGK a BOY -- my sweet boy -- my talented boy!!! That woman needs a grow man. The only appeal to a young man is what he can do with his tongue. I think there was a mutual attraction when they saw each other.

  2. 3ALUCH


    2 시간 전

    Blades of Glory 2 coming soon 🤣

  3. L Y

    L Y

    3 시간 전

    I think I really do hate celebrities. They are the epitome of fake

  4. shani yan

    shani yan

    3 시간 전

    wanna get anywhere near this dude 😂

  5. V P

    V P

    3 시간 전

    Omg megan looks scary asf now...wth did she do to her face more importantly her eyes look crazy. Looks like an eyelid and/or brow lift but an awful job.

  6. Nowell Ona

    Nowell Ona

    4 시간 전

    Connor, doesn't belong in VMA...

    • shani yan

      shani yan

      3 시간 전

      Kelly and Magen on something ?

  7. hello there

    hello there

    4 시간 전

    Do you know something I don't usually watch this shit , but I swear to god would you be well to even care about theses muppets, they all are muppets, that rapper and that woman true love right there lol , I would not spend a fucking cent to watch or fill theses muppets pockets

  8. John Davis

    John Davis

    4 시간 전

    Ashanti is beautiful.

  9. MVP


    4 시간 전

    Lol ppl losing respect for Conor McGregor

  10. Colin Dolo

    Colin Dolo

    4 시간 전

    Where is ja😂🤣😂😂😂🤣😂😂😂

  11. Majid


    5 시간 전

    The interviewer is fucking hot 🔥

  12. K How

    K How

    5 시간 전

    ET: “Ja Rule saw the whole thing and spilled!” Ja Rule: “Idk that’s what I heard…”

  13. Royce Kenneth Minor De Vera

    Royce Kenneth Minor De Vera

    5 시간 전

    0:22 Name of the girl in pink? She seems familiar to me.

  14. Abdullah Khan

    Abdullah Khan

    5 시간 전

    He is disgrace to Ireland

  15. Dr. Michael Mills, Phd. Esq.

    Dr. Michael Mills, Phd. Esq.

    6 시간 전

    Quick... Wtf does JA RULE think??? Like Dave Chappelle said . No one gives a rats ass wtf JA RULE thinks.

  16. Jason Franklin

    Jason Franklin

    6 시간 전

    He's acting like a corny jealous boyfriend. He would literally have zero chance against Conor.

  17. Kevin Ferguson

    Kevin Ferguson

    7 시간 전

    The fact that ja rule is still around makes my day🤘🏻

  18. Red Dre

    Red Dre

    7 시간 전

    MGK got a bad attitude. Not surprised. He's cashed up trailer trash

  19. BlueWolverine Anthony

    BlueWolverine Anthony

    8 시간 전

    Wish he would have knocked MGK out.

  20. senni bgon

    senni bgon

    8 시간 전

    Shoutout to Megan Fox for protecting her girlfriend MGK.

  21. Hyde


    8 시간 전

    Kelly and Magen on something ?

  22. AL


    8 시간 전

    I like Conor like this Rude and unfriendly . Like his old self

    • senni bgon

      senni bgon

      8 시간 전

      Whatever daddy says

  23. Martinez Luis

    Martinez Luis

    10 시간 전

    Dumb questions for dumb people and get dumb answers…

  24. brc1 1crb

    brc1 1crb

    10 시간 전

    Weird, I thought Eminem already killed Kelly years ago......

  25. Roger Castillo

    Roger Castillo

    10 시간 전

    Damn Conor is gonna catch another case, this time for beating up transgender woman. 🤣

  26. Alaiya Skye

    Alaiya Skye

    10 시간 전

    Ja Rule: “I HAD THE TEAA” ME ASFFF😭😭

  27. Tom Me

    Tom Me

    10 시간 전

    That rapper a loser

  28. Bobby Bennett

    Bobby Bennett

    11 시간 전

    The reporter was annoying af. Change my mind.

  29. Eric Mesias

    Eric Mesias

    11 시간 전

    I bet Emeniem would love to see MK get his ass beat

  30. Maximus Meridius

    Maximus Meridius

    11 시간 전

    MGK’s music is garbage and is definitely not the most talented in the world. Actually he has absolutely no talent.

  31. Wendy Dania

    Wendy Dania

    12 시간 전

    Connor you are horrible, am absolute vulgar bottom or the barrel disgrace!

  32. Faiçal AMMISAID

    Faiçal AMMISAID

    12 시간 전

    Ja to the toilette siiiiink

  33. 12 시간 전

    Pretty obvious Conor wants a piece of Megan fox I don’t blame em & I think lowkey Megan like Conor as well

  34. Jacob Vermette

    Jacob Vermette

    12 시간 전

    MGK so wack now!!

  35. Adam


    12 시간 전

    Bloke is humiliating

  36. songsforyou ✨

    songsforyou ✨

    12 시간 전


  37. Andrew W

    Andrew W

    12 시간 전

    these people are all so full of themselves. why do people care about pointless garbage like this.

  38. Brittany Randazzo

    Brittany Randazzo

    12 시간 전

    Whatever daddy says

  39. Hunter Jamerson

    Hunter Jamerson

    13 시간 전

    He sounded tougher in that rap devil music video. E’m you get Him next

  40. Andrej Sirin

    Andrej Sirin

    13 시간 전

    Conor getting blotted more and more often. But well it is his choice

  41. alch3myau


    13 시간 전

    Why does the reporter act black when talking to Ja Rule but not when Conman? Oh and talks like a hick when talking to Megan? Wow. Terribad reporter.

  42. alch3myau


    13 시간 전

    Conman McNugget jumps at his own shadow.

  43. Lucky_M


    13 시간 전

    This guy will end like Chris Benoit

  44. Gary Missi

    Gary Missi

    13 시간 전

    This guy starts fights with people all the time but never gets thrown in jail for assault & battery. I want that!

  45. alexSIS


    13 시간 전

    I’m so tired of Megan calling that man daddy STOP IT

  46. Bill Nye

    Bill Nye

    13 시간 전

    The only reason I clicked on this celebrity trash was I thought they would show the fight

  47. mike doe

    mike doe

    13 시간 전

    "The most talented boy in the world" ouch Megan, fuckin whoops.

  48. crazy me

    crazy me

    13 시간 전

    What did Megan do to her face

  49. crazy me

    crazy me

    13 시간 전

    Why is Ja Rule even there? Hino damn celebrity

  50. Aracoixo


    14 시간 전

    He's a fighter he's overreacting

  51. Unnamed Brand

    Unnamed Brand

    14 시간 전

    Not even Eminem wannabe is scared of him. Win a fight bro how long has it been?

  52. RJman101


    14 시간 전

    MGK is corny

  53. VOLS to the wall

    VOLS to the wall

    14 시간 전

    The rapper and Megan left the carpet and threatened not to do pics… Oh no whatever would we have done

  54. Panda Reijgah

    Panda Reijgah

    14 시간 전

    Maybe if everyone could stop calling him "machine gun" and just abbreviate is to the more logical and correct "kelly"

  55. Oyster


    14 시간 전

    Celebrities' are such vile and disgusting people.

  56. brazi


    14 시간 전

    This is a stunt . Dont u all see it..... Now they are in the spotlight. Tactics

  57. double J

    double J

    14 시간 전

    Nobody CARES,LmfWao

  58. Mon Valley truth

    Mon Valley truth

    15 시간 전

    Wow fox looks like shit an it’s even funnier that them two are together

  59. Austin Griffin

    Austin Griffin

    15 시간 전

    The hell is on Meghans wife's face

  60. AMG749


    15 시간 전

    Very informative to the point we understood nothing

  61. Covidescapeslvl4biolab-this mask will stop it

    Covidescapeslvl4biolab-this mask will stop it

    15 시간 전

    WHat a joke all these people are

  62. billman2112


    15 시간 전

    If a real fight would've happened, Mgun Kelly would be dead.

  63. Аристарх Бенедиктович

    Аристарх Бенедиктович

    15 시간 전


  64. Аристарх Бенедиктович

    Аристарх Бенедиктович

    15 시간 전


  65. Dominic S

    Dominic S

    15 시간 전

    Conner is coo asf but u can tell he’s on drugs or hells buzzed

  66. B Greezy1

    B Greezy1

    15 시간 전

    WTF is Ja Rule doin at VMAs? I thought he was with Billy in Prison

  67. Brett Baker

    Brett Baker

    15 시간 전

    Funny she says boy

  68. Khrisi


    15 시간 전

    Ja rules wife facial expressions though lol. Conor wants Megan or maybe he wants MGK.

  69. Muddy  Boots

    Muddy Boots

    15 시간 전

    Perfect match, Two punks getting in a scuffle

  70. Upgrade 101

    Upgrade 101

    15 시간 전


  71. Upgrade 101

    Upgrade 101

    15 시간 전

    MGK was trying to be “ daddy”



    15 시간 전

    Connor mcgregor be like yea like I had just kilt this vanilla ice man and then it was like yea just rumors

  73. Md Izaz Ahmed

    Md Izaz Ahmed

    15 시간 전

    I think that khabib need here

  74. Chris Himebaugh

    Chris Himebaugh

    15 시간 전

    Ahh.... The old Closeted Boyfriend kiss. lmao

  75. Fat Sack

    Fat Sack

    15 시간 전

    MGK is such a joke, talentless prick….

  76. CarolinaBaby


    15 시간 전

    Conor is the most unpredictable fighter out here. First he hits an old man, then a boxer, then he breaks his leg, then he hits a rapper. Damn what's next?😂

  77. Chris Himebaugh

    Chris Himebaugh

    15 시간 전

    All a bunch of Douchey, Bougy, Rich Geeks.

  78. SuperComputerBoy


    15 시간 전

    Imagine actually giving a fuck about these people and their delusional lives. All these people think they're so amazing.

  79. LIL WAY


    15 시간 전

    American English : British English : Conor English :

  80. LEO’sDREAm’On


    15 시간 전

    Why is Dave chapel on MTV Lol

  81. Josh Gonzalez

    Josh Gonzalez

    16 시간 전

    I’m sure mgk is scared of Connor No doubt

  82. Jack Teckers

    Jack Teckers

    16 시간 전

    Killshot PT.2?!?!?!

  83. Chase Linder

    Chase Linder

    16 시간 전

    "I only fight real fighters" ya and u lose to all of them so thats why u pick on a skinny rapper

  84. Chase Linder

    Chase Linder

    16 시간 전

    Should have threw a leg kick

  85. egymario


    16 시간 전

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  86. swav100


    16 시간 전

    Man I used to like mgk after seeing him now nah dude is a clown

  87. VIPCABE 👑


    16 시간 전

    This laugh is so fake lol from the interviewing girl, peinliche red carpet Sippe 😂

  88. Infurnas


    16 시간 전

    He’s a thinker

  89. Sadgi 111

    Sadgi 111

    16 시간 전

    If you don’t know the guy why try to punch him when he gives u a compliment tf

  90. jens karlsson

    jens karlsson

    16 시간 전

    They cant even kiss poor machine gun

  91. RuTo


    16 시간 전

    as Dave Chappelle once said" Somebody Please find Ja Rule so I can make sense of this"

  92. Brown Girlz Movement Music

    Brown Girlz Movement Music

    16 시간 전

    Juh Rool

  93. Kevin Pass

    Kevin Pass

    16 시간 전

    Connor: I fight real fighers......... And old men in a Pub who don't like my whiskey.

  94. wddr12


    16 시간 전

    Someone get Ja Rule on the phone

  95. Theo P

    Theo P

    16 시간 전

    HELP ME JA!!

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