Kodak Black - Senseless [Official Music Video]


  1. Paul H.

    Paul H.

    41 초 전

    Beat Crazy

  2. 87ToNiK


    분 전


  3. Ty Youngin

    Ty Youngin

    2 분 전

    What you talking about all Kodak shi is fire

  4. Lil Dulla

    Lil Dulla

    2 분 전

    Naa err time I listen to this it make me wanna go out and enjoy my self 🤣

  5. Daniel Foskin

    Daniel Foskin

    10 분 전

    Haitians carrying rap rn

  6. Mojo88 Bass and Bourbon

    Mojo88 Bass and Bourbon

    24 분 전

    Its different when he in Golden Acres

  7. YHN CMoneyy

    YHN CMoneyy

    25 분 전

    My Nigga Kodak goated y’all ant fwb 💯🔥

  8. Esequiel Castaneda

    Esequiel Castaneda

    27 분 전

    It feels like him again

  9. Brian Mounts

    Brian Mounts

    34 분 전

    How do u call that a artist when he says the same sh-it over and over

  10. Brian Mounts

    Brian Mounts

    35 분 전

    That sucked so fuc-king bad

  11. Sem Alce

    Sem Alce

    35 분 전

    This is a remix of NBA young boy song “make no sense”

  12. lilnas77 -_-

    lilnas77 -_-

    37 분 전

    Who the girl in yellow 🥵

  13. ShiestyXV


    44 분 전

    "My nigga don't make no sense his name fucking wam bam" 😭😭

  14. G3


    45 분 전


  15. G3


    46 분 전

    He the king and the shi like Mo3 and me I see y'all talking about this the Kodak y'all want shi y'all lame asf y'all just don't understand Gemini but to ya it 2 of us dam near 22 ppl we can turn too so take y'all lame ass on with the bs all his music 🎃 to me im on everything he put out not that with side a want ass shi

  16. Spenty 1x

    Spenty 1x

    49 분 전

    Sounds like some beat strait off the Wii

    • NSG YoungStunna

      NSG YoungStunna

      48 분 전

      kodron.info/mine/lI_Gfp21tWhmrWg/bidio.html 🙏❤️

  17. dumbway


    50 분 전

    kodron.info/mine/0I7YrXWZrneTzqM/bidio.html 🔥🔥



    50 분 전


  19. Ralph Salvador

    Ralph Salvador

    51 분 전

    Kodak, iceberg, simmie...FL been on

  20. Kendrick Malone

    Kendrick Malone

    52 분 전

    Bruh I can’t stop listening to this 😂

  21. Vvs


    52 분 전

    We need this 😮‍💨

  22. Drake Kilo

    Drake Kilo

    54 분 전

    He a clone he a clone fuck outta er

  23. Tthebarbrrr Knowledge

    Tthebarbrrr Knowledge

    58 분 전

    “My niggas ain’t got no mind, they’ll get Jesus outta here!” 🔥🔥🔥

    • NSG YoungStunna

      NSG YoungStunna

      47 분 전

      kodron.info/mine/lI_Gfp21tWhmrWg/bidio.html 🤲🤞🏾

  24. Zam


    시간 전

    G shit

    • NSG YoungStunna

      NSG YoungStunna

      47 분 전

      kodron.info/mine/lI_Gfp21tWhmrWg/bidio.html ✌️🔥🔥🔥

  25. daniel


    시간 전

    Mans just put this on Apple Music already

    • NSG YoungStunna

      NSG YoungStunna

      47 분 전

      kodron.info/mine/lI_Gfp21tWhmrWg/bidio.html 🤞🏾❤️❤️🔥

  26. Karlos Bryant

    Karlos Bryant

    시간 전

    We need a Kodak and Money Man...

  27. Mat Bradice

    Mat Bradice

    시간 전

    When this coming on Spotify?

    • KING QS12

      KING QS12

      8 분 전


  28. Ethan Cottrell

    Ethan Cottrell

    시간 전

    What’s the girl ig

    • NSG YoungStunna

      NSG YoungStunna

      47 분 전

      kodron.info/mine/lI_Gfp21tWhmrWg/bidio.html 💯🔥🔥🔥

  29. Jay Brown

    Jay Brown

    시간 전

    Clone kodak

  30. Nathan44 Truesdale

    Nathan44 Truesdale

    시간 전

    Nobody: Kodak: his name fucking wambam 🤔

  31. Arturo Soto

    Arturo Soto

    시간 전

    Keep it cute cuz all my niggaz shotas….

    • NSG YoungStunna

      NSG YoungStunna

      47 분 전

      kodron.info/mine/lI_Gfp21tWhmrWg/bidio.html ✌️🔥🔥

  32. Arturo Soto

    Arturo Soto

    시간 전

    Crack rock samples if u like it u get 2 4 1……

  33. Victor T.

    Victor T.

    시간 전


  34. 2 cold

    2 cold

    시간 전

    i feel like im kodak black in 2015🤒

  35. Dayne Stokes

    Dayne Stokes

    시간 전

    Nailed it

  36. TaurenTLT


    시간 전


    • NSG YoungStunna

      NSG YoungStunna

      46 분 전

      kodron.info/mine/lI_Gfp21tWhmrWg/bidio.html 💯🙏

  37. Sage Kujo

    Sage Kujo

    시간 전

    Shoutout NOLA!!!!

  38. TmMillz


    시간 전

    All I wanna do is get a finish the rest🖤

  39. Chcks


    시간 전


  40. Chcks


    시간 전


  41. Bandile 10LZ

    Bandile 10LZ

    시간 전

    Beats sounds like Migos Get Ritht Witcha🤔

  42. Javius Williams

    Javius Williams

    시간 전

    I’ll have a shootout at the park I ain’t never playing around

  43. Just a lazy person

    Just a lazy person

    시간 전

    I lost count of how many times I played this song🔥

  44. Kedryan Wilson

    Kedryan Wilson

    시간 전

    YAK IS BACC!!!!!!

  45. Derrick C

    Derrick C

    2 시간 전

    A whole week and this song still trending 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  46. Lioncrud


    2 시간 전

    shorty in the yellow. BRUH

  47. Landon Taylor

    Landon Taylor

    2 시간 전


  48. Stanley Ervin

    Stanley Ervin

    2 시간 전

    Hard as hell oh god

  49. Rob Meez

    Rob Meez

    2 시간 전


  50. H H

    H H

    2 시간 전

    @ instagram Yellow girl

  51. Joshua Howard

    Joshua Howard

    2 시간 전

    Naw Fr

  52. I AM ANT 79

    I AM ANT 79

    2 시간 전

    This 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  53. StuckInMyWays ClothingCo.

    StuckInMyWays ClothingCo.

    2 시간 전

    Put this shit on Apple Music!!!!!!

  54. Thvlvs


    2 시간 전

    this is vetry good i approve

  55. Stonerman15


    2 시간 전

    Yak still trending....

  56. pat the mat

    pat the mat

    2 시간 전

    I'm convinced that his hair isn't real, but is actually painted cardboard

  57. 3200 BABY

    3200 BABY

    2 시간 전

    He back!!!!!

  58. Toxic Waste

    Toxic Waste

    2 시간 전

    We need this Kodak back

  59. purplegoat2500


    2 시간 전


  60. BIG DADDY AKA SCB • 2 years ago

    BIG DADDY AKA SCB • 2 years ago

    3 시간 전

    NBA YoungBoy 🔥🔥🔥

  61. BIG DADDY AKA SCB • 2 years ago

    BIG DADDY AKA SCB • 2 years ago

    3 시간 전

    Damn 🔥🔥🔥

  62. Conoli Bacclava

    Conoli Bacclava

    3 시간 전

    what is molly ? and what is lean? why is he mixing them?

    • Dead Star

      Dead Star

      시간 전

      Are u trollin or fr? Molly is ecstasy (a pill) , lean is cough syrup mix wit sprite it gets u high. He tryna get geeked tf up so he mix the molly in the lean

  63. Efrem James

    Efrem James

    3 시간 전

    Hope more songs like this on the album😳😳

  64. Grizzly Graves

    Grizzly Graves

    3 시간 전

    I luh dat nigga ta death i shed a tear if I was him 💯

  65. The Bradi the goat

    The Bradi the goat

    3 시간 전

    So sososos 😱🔥🔥strong

  66. Melodies & Good Vibes

    Melodies & Good Vibes

    3 시간 전

    I’m about to snap on my new upcoming videos 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  67. KEDAR


    3 시간 전

    put this on spotify before I get mad😡

  68. NoLimit C

    NoLimit C

    3 시간 전


  69. Chuck White

    Chuck White

    3 시간 전


  70. Patrick O'Shea

    Patrick O'Shea

    3 시간 전

    Please put this on Spotify

  71. Patrice Green

    Patrice Green

    3 시간 전




    3 시간 전


  73. hotterthanasun the III

    hotterthanasun the III

    3 시간 전

    I feel like I’m Gucci mane in 2006.. make no sense?

  74. Derrick Haynes Sr.

    Derrick Haynes Sr.

    4 시간 전


  75. BSR Frank

    BSR Frank

    4 시간 전

    iTunes Kodak

  76. Funny cat Drop

    Funny cat Drop

    4 시간 전

    Bann Kodak black chak jou🇭🇹🔥🔥

  77. Alan Alvarenga

    Alan Alvarenga

    4 시간 전

    U copied yb

  78. GawdlySiinz


    4 시간 전

    “ feel like I’m Gucci mane in 2006” “Make no sense” YB “I feel like I’m Kodak black in 2015” Song called senseless

  79. Dj Cleo

    Dj Cleo

    4 시간 전

    Shouted out Wambam and this what Kodak get for being loyal 🤦🏽‍♂️

  80. Saucalito


    4 시간 전

    I feel em on smashin em RAW

  81. jesse flammia

    jesse flammia

    4 시간 전


  82. lyrics vevo

    lyrics vevo

    4 시간 전

    I know you love kodak black, you can't lie to me😤

  83. Ben Mawdsley

    Ben Mawdsley

    4 시간 전


  84. Stax 5ave

    Stax 5ave

    4 시간 전

    So i looked through the comments…& too my surprise it seems no one realizes that this is a play off NBA YOUNGBOY Make NO Sense 😩💙

  85. JKT


    4 시간 전

    He looks like he let birdman have his way this time 😂 He looks drugged out

  86. Abdoulie Suwareh

    Abdoulie Suwareh

    4 시간 전

    Lil Kodak 🔥🔥🔥🔥🤝

  87. DeAndre Hunt

    DeAndre Hunt

    4 시간 전

    It's like someone convinced him that the old him was the old him and that in itself is 🔥 content...amazin to see jit grow to a man keep em kumin kodak

  88. jonathan mack

    jonathan mack

    4 시간 전

    This the real Kodak

  89. Gids


    4 시간 전

    Paying errrrrrbody rent lmfaoooo!!!!!🔥🔥🔥

  90. Blockk Boy

    Blockk Boy

    4 시간 전

    This Kodak is gone that’s why we have MoneySign Suede Now

  91. Tebogo Gafela

    Tebogo Gafela

    4 시간 전

    My nikka don make sense he's name is fukkitwambam😂

    • Ray-Ray McCut

      Ray-Ray McCut

      3 시간 전

      Atleast 5 body’s on him lmao

    • Ray-Ray McCut

      Ray-Ray McCut

      3 시간 전


  92. Vernissa Hosten-Augustine

    Vernissa Hosten-Augustine

    4 시간 전

    this song weird...

  93. difyElijiah


    4 시간 전

    2015 Kodak back

  94. Leedot


    4 시간 전


  95. HIPPY GO


    4 시간 전

    This that super saiyen kodak

  96. Sharon Tate

    Sharon Tate

    4 시간 전

    Who let this gremlin out!?

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